Reeko Squeeze – Me Style II Lyrics

Man’s used to this, I ain’t new to this (Come on)
Tell a Uck face please move bitch I’m Ludacris (Move Bitch)
Stop feeding hoes, go and feed your kids
We holding food like a flipping fridge
Stop telling lies I ain’t seen you rid
I seen you once, I ain’t seen you since
But what’s goodie fam
Man popped up with a mask and I’m the boogieman
I’ll hit him up and I’ll boogie fam
Stretching packs, I ain’t doing dabs
Pulling up with food in cabs
My young boys, they see and grab
Sneak dissing, that’s kinda sad
If we’re animals then I’m in Noah’s ark
Let nothing slide, like come on man this ain’t no park
You’re a likkle fish and we some sharks
Like fix up, go and play your part
f**k swinging shit, this ain’t no park
Like cats demanding and cops remanding
No talking, I don’t know the answers
I risk it, I’m taking chances
You don’t know me if someone asks
I beg your pardon like someone farted
You ain’t screwing me you just need glasses
But smoke on the ride
I’m rolling around on my thing and I’m tired, I’m sick of these guys
Internet goons, I’m sick of these lies
Free Nutcase
200 perps like how the f**k you gon buss case
For f**k sake
Still at it though
Man jump out on a man, BOOM! don’t panic bro
Sink a boat like Giggs or Titanic bro
Man grew up from the soil, man’s organic bro
If you didn’t know
Mad case, buju banton with the driver
With two packs, ambition as a rider
One man one move one driver
Skengs on ped, [?] with the slider
In a all black attire
Mad case, Whitney Houston and Bobby
My young niggas all tryna catch a body
Two man one driver one dotty
One ped, fat [?] shotty
Me and S, on your block and I’m sorry
Feds on me like why me
Fur jacket, Eskimo like Wiley
Young Boss like YB
Twin Barrel that’s Siamese
I’m weeded, I stepped in all Chinese
I stink of weed don’t mind me
Stepped in with a minion
Operating a weapon straight from the kitchen
Pitching anything slipping
Freshly home from Prison
I tried tell him calm down he don’t listen
Mummy thinks he’s missing
Moretime I’m hands on
Nokias and Samsungs
Niggas scared like go find a Tampon
I ain’t prayed in mad long
Niggas think they’re mad on

Ay (x3)


Get it how I live it (Always)
Even up in Jail, get it on a visit
I was missing with your girl but I swear I never kissed it
That deep throat was swole but I swear I bloody eh
But I swear I bloody (eh)

Get it how I live it (Always)
Even up in Jail, get it on a visit
I was missing with your girl but I swear I never kissed it
That deep throat was swole but I swear I bloody eh
But I swear I bloody miss it

Lil Yachty – NBAYOUNGBOAT lyrics

(feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

[Intro: YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Lil Yachty]
Wop, skrt
Skrt skrt
Wop, wop
Skrt skrt, skrt skrt
I don’t know what you take me for ho
Wop, wop
I ain’t goin’ for it

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Young nigga, rich nigga, I’m a bad bitch getter
Fuck nigga, hoe nigga, I don’t fuck with broke niggas
Always held my own since I jumped up off the porch, nigga
You ain’t know, now you know, nigga, Hi-tec pour a four, nigga

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
Bitch roll me my sack before I come in
80 thousand dollars plus a jet on a backend
Twenty twin twins finna get plucked like a chicken
Brother locked up, he spent much time in the kitchen
We ain’t really with none of that pretendin’ and shit (pretendin’ and shit)
I got six Catholic hoes in here sinnin’ and shit (sinnin’ and shit)
Pour that shit up, bust it down (hoo)
Bought a new crib, it got several amenities (gang)
You gon’ get shot like the Kennedys (yeah)
Fuckin’ with Lil Boat and YB (doot, pew)

[Verse 3: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Carbine it sound like a dump truck (trraaa)
Soon as I up, he gon’ back up (boom boom)
She wanna fuck, I’ma smash her (smash)
He want a verse, I’ma tax him (I’ma tax him)
Say you want smoke, it ain’t ’bout nothing
I know that nigga ain’t ’bout nothing (he ain’t ’bout it)
Bring out the boat when the flood coming
Strapped with a TEC when you pull up on me

[Verse 4: Lil Yachty]
I’m with the .38 baby, my neck see more water than the Navy (gang)
I was finna fuck your bitch, my nigga then I got lazy (ugh)
I saw your new watch, that shit cool but my shit crazy
Canary yellow diamonds in my mouth like I bit a daisy (yeah)
I’m with Lil Baby yeah, keep a .380, yeah (pew pew)
I’m with big Slime, yeah you know we goin’ brazy, yeah (slatt)

[Verse 5: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
17 with four babies, yeah
Lotta money, know they hate me, yeah
One on four, they try to play me, yeah
Shoot his ass right up in here (pew pew, pew pew)
Diamonds, they shine like a headlight (shine)
I keep that lil’ bitch if her head right
I’ma lay up and fuck on her every night (every night)
When I’m leavin’ I’m headin’ straight to the flight (no)
Got a tiger but no I’m not Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson)
Scuff in the club like Fight Night (Fight Night)
I make that lil’ ho act right (act right)
I tell that bitch fuck up my sack right (bitch)

[Verse 6: Lil Yachty & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Put that lil bitch on a Spirit flight (gang)
Return her next to me one night (nyoom)
We running and ducking from squad lights (hoo)I got 32 shots in the gun fight
These niggas sweet like a honey bun (sweet)
Don’t worry ’bout where my money from
At the crib, on the couch, we got huntin’ guns (doot)
Dissect his hand from his other arm (doot, doot, doot)
Young nigga, rich nigga, I’m a big bag getter (woo)
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, never met a real nigga (bitch)
Never had six figures, my bitch do tricks nigga
I go by Lil Boat and I’m coolin’ with some real hittas (gang)
Whip on the wrist, that’s a brick on the fist, nigga
No light needed for this chain, it’s gon’ glist nigga (yeah)
VS, one stone, that shit not far from flawless
Fuck a pretty bitch, nigga, my money gorgeous, bitch (Lil Boat)