P.o.s – Fuck Your Stuff Lyrics

Yeah, LazerBeak
And DTR, Doomtree
Rhymesayers Entertainment
Marijuana Deathsquads, oh

My whole crew’s on some shit
Scuffing up your Nikes, spitting on your whip
Kicking out your DJ, rock it then we dip

[Verse 1]
Looking out the window like Malcolm
Just when I thought this culture was open they go and doubt him
f**k, dumbing it down, spit ice, skip jewelry
Molotov cocktails on me like accessories
Uhm, they can teach you how to front
I am really raw, I ain’t seen a mirror in a month
But I stay fly, spinning man
Flipping out with the breeze, I’m a ceiling fan
I’mma get ’em, I can show you how to bump
Something heavy in the back, marshall stacks in the trunk
Got the windows down, I got the heat turned up
On blast wagging on ’em on the West Bank
Handling the style, or catch me on a mission
Pissing in some convertible tryna create some tension
Or in a book discussing Christopher Hitchens
Or how to make bombs with shit you find in your kitchen, listen

[Hook x2]
My whole crew’s on some shit
Scuffing up your Nikes, spitting on your whip
Kicking out your DJ, rock it then we dip
We don’t watch the replay, we play

[Verse 2]
I never cared about your bucks
So if I run up with a mask on
Probably got a gas can too
And I’m not here to fill her up, no
We came here to riot, here to incite
We don’t want any of your stuff
Keep sticking to the script, mane, we never seen that shit
We knew the secret before they went ahead and Wiki leaked it
Made a dump, bang it out the speakers
Hoping to smash capital quotes on the word “leaders”
They in the past, so we dancing on they ashes
Onward, upward, laughing at the masses
Thinking while they sit I just go off on they ass
Wearing last year’s trash ladies still be batting lashes
And tryne smash us, the passion to go
The lack of a muzzle and a style that’s f**king irrational

f**k your stuff
I mean for real
We genuinely believe that all your shit is fake


I ain’t kidding, I got this brick in my hand

[Hook x2]



Still depressed
Still misunderstood
Still popping pills, popping seals, smoking backwoods
Still smoke a swisher if you got it with you
Everybody won’t me sober, but i’m not a quitter
I say the less you know the better
That west bank fire setter
$uicide dream team
It’s that codeine fiend
Hell bound is what i’m deemed
Surrounded by crime scenes
Only peace that i know is sleep or be deceased
I can’t call it anymore
Get more depressed when i’m on tour
Wake up in the middle of a war
Wake up wishing that i was a fucking corpse, fuck…


Yeah, now if we got a problem, then we got a problem
I don’t give a fuck
I can’t even see that far at the bottom
My cousin toxic, and i’m rotten
This ain’t an option
I was opting out responsibility
Turn a new leave and get it poppin
Pull up on their fucking ass
All they do is fucking ask “can i flash you with the gas?”
And so i pull up on their ass then i ask “want to catch the gat’s blast?”
It’s always back to back
$uicide used to calm my depression, used to call it my progression, used to make me less upset and $uicide now causes all my depression


Sold out shows, but i don’t believe in souls
So i doubt these shows are going to leave me feeling whole
A couple blunts i blow and now i’m idolized, a role model
That’ll get ’em to get me to model clothes
I’d rather snort up roxy’s until that dope battle rattles
Nope, i’m not about to tackle yet another problem
I’ll have to put this one at the bottom
I feel like fucking sodom and gomorrah, but life is sweet
Another black petal falling down right at my fucking feet
Another flower rotten, a bouquet of efforts
Sour scents are haunting my defeat
Sold out funeral no live nation fee
Captivate 100,000 people
Still me and the reaper me
100,000 want to meet me
I hope they’ll let me be


I’m able to paint a picture most people can’t even see
Basquiat mixed with Monet when that heron in me
Self-critic thats speaking in cryptic
Defying the laws of physics
Let me be specific
Sadistic, mr. pessimistic
Slickity sloth the motherfucker they call the anti-christ
Used to dream of fans chanting, screaming that “$uicide!”
Now i get on Instagram and they’re posting my personal life
I promise it’s not what it seems
Climb up just to fall down a stream
Drag me to the river
The richer i get, the worse my liver gets
No strippers on my zipper
Still in my room
Keep it dark as i can
Remember scraping up change just for cigarettes
Immortalized $uicide
No they won’t forget


Yeah playa
Yeah playa
All my teeth gold
Damn playa
Damn playa
I still can’t sleep though
Yeah playa
Yeah playa
I be that sheep eater
Wolf creeper but disuised as the grim reaper
Sad playa
Sad playa
I be that sad playa
Damn playa
Damn playa
Thought you was money making?
Yeah playa
Yeah playa
Don’t change that i’m forsaken
Grey playa
Third razor
Laugh at you bitches hating
Yeah playa
Yeah playa
My pupils dilating
Dope shot up in my veins
I’m feeling nauseated
Law breaker
Law breaker
I’m trying to feel alive
Make sure my teeth gold when i’m filled up with formaldehyde


Used to be called a bunch of things before they called me snow leopard
I froze up and shivered off the shards of cold weather with no effort
Leather belt around my throat feels so better than the rope i had before
The results are the same, but now i’m comfy when i go
I got hoes that burn their wrist with the blunt they rolled for me
And now i’m always stoned
Always home alone
In the back of the benz, i got my squad i know
But, i only see them on the road, and the rest i know just want to use you
Always want to used you
Snakes in my face, yeah, i think i’m medusa
Polo pajamas with the pockets ripped
The red, white and blue ones
That’s why i’m always losing money, but don’t let that confuse you because now i got a mouth full of gold, but baby i’m still a loser