Michelle Obama and Naomi Campbell Dropped Into this DJ’s Virtual Party

While we’re all stuck inside, Derrick Jones, also known as DJ D-Nice, began performing for fans this past Thursday on Instagram Live. What began as an attempt to uplift those in quarantine, turned into a 9-hour social distancing party that more than 100,000 people tuned into.

Although clubs and other nonessential businesses are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, celebrities and artists are creating new ways to uplift and bring everyone together. The hashtag #clubquarantine has been invented as a way for dance music enthusiasts and creators to bring the club to those cooped indoors. Fittingly, D-Nice’s events are called “Homeschool.”

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Take a look at the comments under any of the DJ’s recent posts, and you will see an overflow of positive feedback from virtually attending celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Diddy and Oprah, to name a few. Surprisingly, even presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden tuned in.

Gucci ambassador and fashion icon Dapper Dan went on to make a post paying homage to the DJ, who has been hosting sought-after dance parties since the ’80s. Due to his first livestream’s success, DJ D-Nice has gone on to perform every day.

D-Nice on Instagram: “I can’t believe that I started the Home School social distancing dance party just four days ago and it’s become a place for us to virtually…”

DJ D-Nice made sure to express his gratitude via Instagram for all of the love he received for his virtual sets writing, “I never would’ve imagined that the best party I would create and DJ would be from the comfort of my own home… The amount of artists and friends that virtually partied with me far exceeded my expectations. I’m feeling nothing but gratitude.” He added a shoutout to healthcare workers on the ground at this time, dedicating an entire day to them.

Follow DJ D-Nice on Instagram (@DNice) for the next “Homeschool” party.

D-Nice on Instagram: “I had a tearful moment this morning after realizing that we all came together as a global community and danced while I played music in my…”

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Post Malone – Broken Whiskey Glass lyrics

[Verse 1]
I done drank codeine from a broken whiskey glass
I done popped my pills and I smoked my share of grass
Slaved for the man and I broke my fuckin’ back
So you can take your nine-to-five and shove it up your ass
And I won’t go on, like a highway to hell
Going too damn fast, I spilled drink on my Chanel
And I woke up and my room’s fuckin’ trashed like a damn hotel
Where I go next, now, only time will tell


[Verse 2]
I done spent some time chasin’ women that don’t give a shit
I done learned my lessons and I ain’t never gon’ forget
Started callin’ this shit, started ballin’ and shit, started flickin’ that wrist
They ain’t never listened, now I’m makin’ them hits so I’m fuckin’ your bitch
No, it ain’t nothin’ fickle for me to forget that you ever exist
Bet you remember my name when I pull up in that whip that doesn’t exist (skrrt)
Spill lean on Supreme last Saturday
Let that shit splash, motherfucker talk saucey
Pass me the drugs, motherfucker let me shine
At the White House, call my homie Joe Biden, he flyin’ out weed
Smokin’ my dope, beggin’ that that be the code
Man, don’t be silly, that shit you rockin’ is old
Like it’s been years since you been to the store
Feel like Meek Milly but I ain’t from Philly
I’m poppin’ a wheelie, I show off my grillie
I do this for real-y and for my fam-ily
Some shade every night, man, it’s all so famil’-y
The bitches they killin’ me
Like, bitch are you kiddin’ me?
Ballin’, that shit Jason Kiddin’ me
You can’t get rid of me
Now you want my chain and my jeans but you no good at chemistry