Karyn Bonti – My Jesus Christ Posts lyrics

Jesus Christ is sexy! Take it off, Jesus. Take it off. Get naked, it’s a Queen’s demand and you’ll want the stuff. Your stuff with my stuff and I’m saying this back to you, because you are naughty.

Boo! Holy Ghost, Jesus! Boo! Holy Ghost Jesus says, “Boo!” because I am surprised every time I see him. Holy Ghost Jesus says, “Boo!” to the people who say he can’t be in love with me.

To Jesus Christ, my twin soul, you rock my universe! I want to rock your rockin’ bod. My Jesus Christ, twin soul, is known as the holy ghost. However, I have met the Jesus Father. Jesus Father says, “I spank you, but not that hard yet, because you get pain and that’s why you’ve been such a naughty girl”.

Jesus, let’s play doctor. Dr. Jesus, Dr. Jesus, I am a sucker for your lollipop, blow pop please. Jesus, go streaking again, Jesus did that once, because someone stole his clothes and all anyone could find for him to wear was a karate robe.

I’m gonna dream all over you and my dreams will come true all over your sexy body!