Hype House Members Criticized For Tekashi 6ix9ine Videos

The Hype House is under intense scrutiny after recording several TikTok videos with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Earlier this week, founder Thomas Petrou uploaded a YouTube video in which he “surprised” fellow members of the popular collective with the controversial rapper.

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However, given that 6ix9ine has previously pled guilty to a child sexual performance charge, it didn’t take long for the internet to criticize several Hype House members for posting content recorded with him.

“Ofc the hype house supports 6ix9ine,” as one Twitter user wrote, while others simply commented that the situation was “Yikes.”

Yikes 🥴 pic.twitter.com/9uZ0FqKBIe

— Spill Sesh (@spillseshYT) September 8, 2020

ofc the hype house supports 6ix9ine

— caleb finn 💧 (@ccalebfinn) September 9, 2020

Meanwhile, others argued that the Hype House’s co-sign was deeply problematic because of their young fanbase and the fact that 17-year-old member Avani Gregg is underage.

“The hype house hanging out with 6ix9ine is absolutely the worst thing they could ever do most of their supporters are a young audience,” as another person wrote. “Y’all supposed to set a good example for them hanging with a child molester for clout this ain’t something to flex about you’re all disgusting.”

the hype house hanging out with 6ix9ine is absolutely the worst thing they could ever do most of their supporters are a young audience y’all supposed to set a good example for them hanging with a child molester for clout this ain’t something to flex about you’re all disgusting

— esra (@vibesesra) September 9, 2020

not the hype house inviting over 6ix9ine… aren’t there underage girls there? /s

— barbie (@jaewise) September 9, 2020

In the wake of the backlash, Pop Buzz reported that Hype House members Olivia Ponton deleted her TikTok with 6ix9ine and that a video posted to the rapper’s own page featuring Ondreaz Lopez had also been removed after the influencer wrote in a comment that, “It was a TikTok his PR team wanted on his page for his personal TikTok. We ain’t even finish the full dance it was so awkward.”

That said, Hype House member Tayler Holden has kept his video up after recently defending the collab to paparazzi by saying, “He’s actually a really nice guy. Really genuine and really down to earth.”

See what else people are saying about the videos, below.

i don’t know about you, but 6ix9ine, a known pedo, going to the hype house doesn’t sit right with me.

— ً (@laheyslayer) September 9, 2020

everyone in the hype house hanging out with 6ix9ine is is disgusting and gross. y’all have children who look up to you and you’re hanging out with a man who molested children he’s a pedophile and y’all posting this on your platform for clout…

— chrishona ♡ (@vinniesstorms) September 9, 2020


— amelia : inactive (@sweetenqerr) September 8, 2020

ur kidding, 6ix9ine did not go to the hypehouse wtf

— tyler funke 🙂 (@TylerFunke) September 8, 2020

i have no respect for the hype house anymore. seriously like even lil buddy wasn’t there are you kidding me. it’s not the fucking hard to not care about money for an hour or 2. they all know what 6ix9ine did and they have no excuse. it’s humiliating and gross.

— laura (@laurasuxbigtime) September 9, 2020

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TikTok Stars Bryce Hall, Jaden Hossler Arrested on Drug Possession Charges

TikTok superstars Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler have been arrested on drug possession charges.

According to People, Hall and Hossler were taken in by Texas authorities on Monday for the possession of marijuana. Both of them reportedly had less than two ounces — a misdemeanor — though Hossler also had less than 400 grams of a controlled substance, which is a felony.

roadyyyyyy 🔥 pic.twitter.com/NyNGDpfZAw

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) May 25, 2020

Hall and Hossler currently belong to the Sway House collective. Per their social media accounts, it appears as if they were on a road trip when they were detained by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Footage of their arrest has since made its way online.

And while both stars posted bail on Tuesday, the incident spurred speculation that Hall’s ex-girlfriend and Hype House member, Addison Rae, helped him out.

As Seventeen reported, fans are now convinced that TikkerTokker.com‘s alleged report about her bailing Hall out is true — despite the fact that Rae’s mother recently confirmed they were no longer together. There is also similar speculation surrounding the rest of the Hype House bailing out Hossler.

Addison Rae reportedly bailed Bryce Hall out of jail.
We will confirm this as soon as we can. #TikkerTokker

— TikkerTokker – (TikTok Support Forum) (@TikkerTokker) May 26, 2020

Jaden and Bryce got arrested because of drugs and Addison Rae bailed him out and the hype house is working to bail jaden out 😩 whyyy

— Khushi_x09 (@KhushiNoori) May 26, 2020


— hi. (@bobaxaddi) May 26, 2020

Hall, Hossler, and Rae have yet to address the rumors.

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Dixie and Charli D’Amelio Have Officially Left the Hype House

Dixie and Charli D’Amelio have officially left the Hype House.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, representatives for the sisters confirmed their departure from the creative collective, saying, “When the Hype House started to become more of a business, Charli and Dixie stepped away from that aspect.”

However, there wasn’t any bad blood about the split, as the rep continued, “While their businesses are separate, their friendships with the members continue.”

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The news came after weeks of speculation surrounding Charli and Dixie’s absence from the group’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. This official parting also follows Charli’s break up with Hype House founder Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy.

That said, the D’Amelios weren’t the first influencers to leave the Hype House. Back in March, Daisy Keech announced her exit after claiming she wasn’t being recognized as one of the collective’s founders.

The Hype House’s remaining members are Hudson, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Wyatt Xavier, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Kouvr Annon, Patrick Huston, Calvin Goldby, Connor Yates, Alex Warren, Nick Austin, Thomas Petrou, James Wright, Jack Wright, and Ryland Storms.

No further details of the D’Amelios’ plans have surfaced in the wake of the announcement, but Charli did previously say her family was considering a reality show.

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