Sy Ari Da Kid – Recent Calls Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hello? What you call for, nigga?
Oh now you wanna call for a nigga?
What you was in that car for, nigga?
Everything you did was uncalled for, nigga
You ain’t even make it hard for a nigga
It’s like I found myself when I lost y’all niggas
Shit, but y’all some softball niggas
Forgot the streets playin’ hardball, nigga
All you missin’ is some pompoms, nigga
Out in Hong Kong, bet you think this song’s called “Nigga”
Nigga, you was all wrong, nigga
You was all wrong, learning from the wrong song, nigga
Hrm, gotta strong arm niggas
Even when I’m clocked out I be on call, nigga
You go waste a lot of time with the wrong broad, nigga
Get left, tryin’ to open up the door for a nigga
Nah, now I’m all gone, nigga
Keep watchin’, go ‘head and get your blog on, nigga
Bet you hopin’ I’ma fall off, nigga
But I’m shootin’ for the stars with a sawed off, nigga
Bang! Now you all lost, nigga
You can’t cheat to be the greatest, ask Bron Bron, nigga
Just think about the fact I loved all y’all niggas
And I still do, why you think I fought y’all niggas?
Shit, look what I brought y’all niggas
I was-

[Interlude 1: Sy Ari Da Kid & [?]]
Hello? Hello? F-
Bitch ass nigga
It’s my go
Friday 5:58 PM
Hey Sy, how are you? I was just calling to see how you were doing, I know you’re so busy and I’m so proud of you. Can I see you in [?]?

[Verse 2]
What you call for, shorty?
Oh now you wanna call for me shorty?
Like why you had to get my card forged, shorty?
E’ything you did was uncalled for, shorty
I never meant to be so hard on you, shorty
I was trippin’, I went against my dogs for you, shorty
I played my position like a small forward, shorty
Shit, I bet you think this song’s called “Shorty”
Damn, don’t mix me with them cornballs, shorty
Baggage on your boat, I was still onboard, shorty
And we still going raw dog, shorty
Every quick visit turns into a short porn, shorty
Hrm, I wasn’t all wrong, shorty
We was all wrong, almost lost it all for a shorty
Now who you finna call on, shorty?, better log on, shorty
I’m like, how did we fall off, shorty?
How The Notebook turnin’ into Saw IV, shorty?
I ain’t one of them niggas that be all on shorties
I ain’t fillin’ up your call log, shorty
You a lost cause, I rather-

[Interlude 2]
Hello? Hello? Turn ass bitch
f**k outta here with that bullshit
Wastin’ my motherf**kin’ time
This nigga
What’s poppin’ nigga?

[Verse 3: [?] & Sy Ari Da Kid]
Yo, finna get up with my pops and spill my heart for a nigga
And any given minute could get wrong for a nigga
Shit could get dramatic and I’m all for it, nigga
Might snuff him in the jaw, put them paws on a nigga
And you my dog, in it for the long haul, nigga
I might need that bail money if the laws call, nigga
Nah dog, chill, answer when your moms call, nigga
Say she worried you ignorin’ calls, nigga (yo, yo)
Hold on, nigga, I’m ’bout to walk in here right quick
Yo, open up, nigga, it’s me

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