Kreayshawn Asks Fans Not to Stream ‘Gucci Gucci’

This week, Gen Z discovered the 2011 brat rap anthem “Gucci Gucci,” sparking a wave of nostalgia for the late MySpace-era’s musical landscape, speculation about how popular it would be on TikTok if it came out today and raising Kreayshawn stans from the dead. But while the track is getting some much deserved love, the song’s resurgence has also resurfaced some bad memories for the Oakland rapper.

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In a series of tweets posted yesterday, Kreayshawn asked people to not stream or buy “Gucci Gucci” revealing that she gets no royalties and is apparently $800K in debt to Sony.

P.S Don’t buy Gucci Gucci or stream it. I get 0$ and I’m in debt to sony for 800k. Stream or by my new project ;p… — TATU REMIX (@TATU REMIX)1595307383.0
Can stan twitter stream me out of my Sony debt? If you can plz do 🥴🆗 — TATU REMIX (@TATU REMIX)1595314225.0

The artist instead directed people to a few recent projects including her EP, T.O.B.M. (True Oakland Black Metal), and her Bail Out Vol. 2 compilation that benefits the NAACP. She also linked her followers a variety of petitions and charities aimed at help BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community and defunding the police.

Kreayshawn didn’t go into too much detail about ins and outs of the contract or how she ended up in so much debt because of it, but she did open up the call to any lawyers that were willing to give the deal a second look. Given that “Gucci Gucci” predates the streaming era, there’s likely a good case for renegotiating the terms anyway.

There’s even a mention of PHONOGRPAHS lmao! — TATU REMIX (@TATU REMIX)1595385825.0

Kreayshawn isn’t the only artist speaking out about getting screwed over by the music industry as of late. Azealia Banks and Mykki Blanco both have recently spoken out about unfair deals that have resulted in them never being paid for some of their biggest tracks.

Last week, Azealia Banks urged her fans not to stream her debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste, sharing emails exchanged between her and Prospect Park head, Jeff Kwatinetz, whom she alleges cheated her out of all the revenue from that record through a lopsided deal. Blanco earlier this week called out Universal for avoiding her management’s emails and failing to pay for her work on Teyana Taylor’s “WTP,” that resulted in a Twitter spat with Taylor.

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It’s heartbreaking to hear artists who have been responsible for some of the biggest underground hits from the past decade were never fairly compensated for them, but it does expose the exploitative nature of the music industry and how abusive that system can be to new artists, and especially artists of color.

Following her post about “WTP,” Blanco did finally receive payment from Universal for her work. However, it shouldn’t take a public shaming for labels to do the right thing. Until we can get a radial overhaul of streaming royalties, album deals and provide artists with the resources they need, don’t stream “Gucci Gucci.”

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21 Savage – 7 Min Freestyle (Issa Album)

Goyard duffle, yeah yeah
Got that draco in it, yeah yeah
Whip a chicken, yeah yeah
Tryna break the pot, yeah yeah
And I got that Glock, yeah yeah
I got thirty shots, yeah yeah
Got your baby mama, yeah yeah
She bent over nigga, yeah yeah
Young Savage trappin’, yeah yeah
And I’m fuckin’ rappin’, yeah yeah
I make lots of money, yeah yeah
And I throw it, throw it, yeah yeah
Ayy lil bitch you tryna blow it, yeah
Woah, chopper like a lawnmower, yeah
Woah, got that motherfuckin’ dagger on me
Woah, stab a nigga and his lil homie, woah
And I’m ballin’ like Nowitzki, woah
I get head like Lewinsky
Police tryna fingerprint me, woah
I’m runnin’ out that motherfucker, nigga, woah
Get money like a motherfucker, nigga
Bags in, nigga gas in
Cash out, nigga cash in
I’m robbin’, ski maskin’
You niggas know that I’m ’bout action
Fishtail with the traction
Fuck a fistfight, nigga I was blasting
Air that motherfucker out, we was smashin’
Got them VVS’s on me, nigga glass
Fuck school nigga, always skipped class
Fuck the other side, throwin’ red rags
Slaughter Gang, PDE gon’ do you bad nigga
Runnin’ through this cash, through this cash nigga
And my bitch bad, bitch bad nigga
Yeah, and I got a bag, got a bag nigga
Why these niggas mad, why they sad nigga
‘Cause I’m poppin’ ho, yeah I’m poppin’ ho
Got your main bitch, pussy poppin’ ho
We don’t want that pussy, we just want that toppy ho
And I don’t want it if the shit ain’t sloppy ho
Yeah, gang gang, nigga gang gang
Ayy, niggas snitching in the chain gang, ayy
They must not know they go in the chain gang, ayy
Stab ’em up, nigga stab ’em up
I’m a Bentley truck, you in a Acura
You niggas actin’ like I ain’t got racks or somethin’
You niggas actin’ like I ain’t in the trap or somethin’
Fuck you niggas thought, Savage was just rappin’ huh
Hey, your main bitch, she gon’ back it up
21, that two-two-three gon’ make you back it up
21, that show money I just stack it up
21, I’m real gangster, you just acting tough, woah
Niggas tryna put the feds on me, woah
My young niggas droppin’ shells on ’em, woah
I know they scared now, scared now
Niggas broke, they can’t even pay they bail now
Ayy, I get a brick and I bust it down, nigga
Put it in the pyrex and drown it, nigga
Water whip the dope, water whip it
Ho, water whip your ho, water whip ’em, yeah
Them VVS’s got her hypnotized, yeah
I used to walk around with two nines, woah
Then I hit a nigga for two nines, 21
That’s a half a brick lil nigga, 21
You a fuckin’ shrimp lil nigga, 21
I got somethin’ for that lip lil nigga, 21
Have you with a limp lil nigga, 21
Cut you up, no temp lil nigga, yeah
I get money ’cause I’m rich nigga, yeah
I might fuck all on your bitch nigga, yeah
Got a drank in in the vip nigga, yeah
She want a gangster, not a wimp nigga, yeah
Burberry fur on me, shit, woah
Thirty, Steph Curry on me, shit, woah
Eating chicken curry in this bitch, woah
Good food, nigga good food, 21
I’m a gangster, you a good dude, 21
I won’t text her ’til she send nudes, 21
She call my phone when the rent due, 21
I ain’t got a dime for your stankin’ ass, 21
Wash your behind with your stankin’ ass, bitch
And your nigga broke, down bad, bitch
All my niggas havin’ fuckin’ bags, bitch
Rich niggas, rich niggas, rich, 21
Hit nigga, hit nigga, hit, 21
That stick nigga, stick nigga, stick, 21
Bricks nigga, licks nigga, hits, 21
Slaughter Gang, PDE the shit, 21
Got the rap game on lock fast, 21
Got the block game on lock fast, 21
I got that Glock aim on lock fast, 21
I drop cop and send shots fast, 21
You only gangster when the gangsters gone, 21
You just a pussy with a camera phone, 21
You just a bitch with an Instagram, 21
No trigger finger, I got a trigger hand, 21
All of ’em like to shoot nigga, 21
All of ’em like boot nigga, 21
All of ’em in your boot nigga, 21
Finger holes, nigga finger holes, 21
You just a pussy with some finger rolls, 21
I can’t respect a nigga with cornrows, 21
Broke nigga with your brother’s clothes, 21
Broke nigga fuckin’ your brother’s hoes, 21
Get your own nigga, get your own, 21
You ain’t grown, nigga you ain’t grown, 21
Your money brown and my money long, 21
My blunt green and my gas strong, 21
Your bitch bad and I got her number, 21
All her friends wanna throw a slumber, 21
I might fuck all on that bitch mama, 21
I might take that lil bitch out to ‘Hana’s, 21
Put that lil bitch in a Benz, yeah, 21
I wish that bitch had a twin, yeah, 21
She want all my friends, yeah, 21
Man that bitch got on some Timbs, yeah, 21
But I put that bitch in Gucci Gucci, 21
Man I fuck that bitch like she Karruche, 21
I might lick that, do the oochie coochie, 21
Got a brown one like a nigga Boosie, 21
Nigga catch me all up in Bruce’s, 21
And you know I pull up with that uzi, 21
I’ma shoot a nigga, make the news and, 21
Niggas umm, niggas niggas losin’, 21
Yeah yeah, nigga yeah yeah, 21
Serve a nigga with no scale scale, 21
Come and help me wrap this bale, bale, 21
Fuck 12, no seatbelt, 21
Fuck 12, I don’t need help, 21
12 gauge, nigga that’s my help, 21