Sherrod White – One In A Million Lyrics

One In A Million
One In A Million
One In A Million
One In A Million
One In A Million

[Verse 1]
Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ fine
New day, new state of mind
Yesterday’s gone
Today’s a new day to grind
Perspective got bigger
Took the negatives and made a whole ‘nother picture
Feelin’ like new money
But money is not the issue
Procrastination’s a beast
It’ll mess around kill ya
Dreams lookin’ at you
But you ain’t lookin’ familiar
Haters talkin’ that talk with you
And they don’t feel ya’
Life goes on
Eyes focused on I, bye
No worries at all
Ain’t hurtin’ not for nada
Righteous vision got me livin’ like a king, propa
Fist full of dreams got me fillin’ like docta
Life is like a horror
Movie but we made it out that scene
So fresh and so clean
So be that one in a million
Live with purpose
Stay winnin’, Dominion


[Verse 2]
Yeah, be the change that you need to see
Originality rare in a land of wannabes
Must I appease, to be something I’m not? Never
Being counterfeit is something you should not treasure
Price tag, that’s never
Upon my soul
Mama said be careful this cold world’s outta control
Oh Lord, what they want me to do?
In the mirror I see me homie and not you
Fist to the sky
Eyes to the sun
Dreams are not a sprint, baby
It’s a marathon, and I’m runnin
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m runnin’
See the goals of them dreams
Yeah, yeah, we gunnin’
It only takes one brave soul for change
Got courage today, they say it’s strange
Forget them doubters and them naysayers
Run it back on these boys
Gale Sayers


Lets move it out now

[Hook – x2]