Rihanna’s Fenty Skin Is Reselling for Over $500

FENTY Skin, Rihanna’s highly anticipated takeover of the skincare world, officially launches on July 31, but the three initial products from her line are being listed on sites like eBay already — at ungodly prices.

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Resellers have listed three START’R products online, including cleanser, toner/ serum hybrid and SPF moisturizer. As seen on High Snobiety, screenshots show that the sets are selling for as much as $550, which is unfounded considering the products’ original prices are in the $30 range. Not to mention that when shopping resale beauty, there’s always a chance the product won’t be legit.

I guess it should come as no surprise that people are taking this to such an extreme, considering Rih’s immediate Fenty Beauty success and the line’s endorsements from artists like Lil Nas X and A$AP Rocky, calling it a “new culture of skincare.”

Still, FENTY Skin, created with a similar ethos to FENTY Beauty, is centered on inclusivity and the real Navy should know better than to market the products at exclusionary pricing. If you can hold off a couple more days, FENTY Skin will officially launch July 31 with tags as low as $25-$35.

To pass the time, look at these hilarious reactions from FENTY fans spiraling from the pre-order and resale prices.

Y’all are not seeing heaven OMG #FentySkin pic.twitter.com/9Irv7Sr3j9

— HOT-GRL (@mishelmuse) July 29, 2020

Fenty Skin keeps crashing and my order is already in the cart just waiting man LMAO. #FentySkin pic.twitter.com/tvAg4DvYLY

— Jas (@JasTayler) July 29, 2020

If I do all this waiting in the waiting line and find out everything is sold out by the time in, we’re going to TALK Mrs Fenty. #FentySkin pic.twitter.com/MpVvJEX1fd

— kanye’s macbook pro (@balencianime) July 29, 2020

Me waiting for my Fenty Skin to arrive even though I just placed my order #FentySkin @fentyskin @sgarretteskin pic.twitter.com/IGezv6CfnZ

— lo (@losquiat) July 29, 2020

Photo via Getty/ Samir Hussein/ WireImage

Rosa Makes Her Fenty Beauty Debut

Comedian Adam Martinez, a.k.a. AdamRayOkay, has found a hit in his character Rosa. The gossip-loving, Latinx teen girl has taken over TikTok, with over 500 million views. And now, she’s made her debut on Fenty Beauty.

The TikTok star is known for her signature loose eyelashes, unblended contour, and acrylic nails. So, clearly, she’s a makeup expert. This made her perfect for a viral Fenty TikTok moment.

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The video pans across a row of girls applying Fenty makeup perfectly, and then lands on Rosa, generously applying contour on her face. The girls stare at her, she says, “What?” and then laughs out loud.


Rosa had to show the ##FENTYBEAUTYHOUSE how it’s done 😂😂 @adamrayokay thanks for stopping by!!

♬ original sound – fentybeauty

Fenty captioned the clip, “Rosa had to show the #FENTYBEAUTYHOUSE how it’s done.”

Looks like we all have a new online beauty guru to follow. Can we expect a Fenty x Rosa collab makeup tutorial soon? Or maybe even a Rosa makeup line? Who knows.

Photo via Instagram