PAPER People: @snarkymarky

For most of 2020, our world has been reduced to the experiences we have on our phones. And TikTokers have been leading the charge in creating viral entertainment that keeps us scrolling for hours and hours. So this year’s PAPER People shifts its focus exclusively to TikTok — the breakout app our President wanted to ban, that launched sleeper hits and massive pop careers, that ushered in an entirely new generation of influence. Meet our 20 favorites across comedy, fashion, social justice and more, who are owning their spaces and racking in millions of likes. (And follow PAPER on TikTok).

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Picture your high school class clown, except actually funny and also really, really internet famous. That’s Mark Gaetano, AKA @snarkymarky. The 18-year-old Toronto native has perfected the art of imitating both teachers and students in his POV clips. He’s also made significant and hilarious contributions to the ongoing Karen discourse, inspired by his experiences working at a grocery store and serving shitty customers. A study hall legend.


Introducing our class of 2020 PAPER People exclusively on TikTok💕 now go apologize to @snarkymarky for eating during class🤬

♬ original sound – papermagazine

Which TV shows are helping you survive 2020 and why?

Big Brother is getting me through 2020! Big Brother is a live show with live feeds that you can watch 24/7. I watch them almost every day or whenever I’m bored. It definitely keeps me entertained! Outer Banks was also great too!

What was your last text?

“That’s my new!” sent to my mom, because she found my new debit card in her car. I got it two days ago. I got a new one because I lost my old one. Here we go again!

What’s something no one knows about you but you wish people did?

I actually hate being the center of attention and I am nothing like I am in my videos. People are scared of me because I scream and yell in my videos. I promise, I’m not like that! I’d consider myself to be an ambivert!

What was the last song you listened to?

“Club” by Kelsea Ballerini. I love her so much.

Where do you want to be five years from now?

I would love to get into acting, or be a correspondent on a talk show. But if my online career doesn’t last as long as that, I would love a job at the United Nations. I’m a freshman in college and I’m studying international relations! I’ve always loved learning about the world, and different cultures, so I’d love a career in that field!

In one word, how would you sum up the internet?

Out-Of-Control. If I use hyphens, that counts as one word, right?

What’s your next move if TikTok is banned?

TikTok getting banned would be… terrible. But, I would try shifting my platform onto YouTube and do some videos there. But Instagram Reels has been super amazing. It’s reached some new audiences, and I was recently just featured on it!

What is your most irrational fear?

I feel like someone is watching me at ALL times. I feel like there’s cameras and microphones picking up on my every move. It’s really strange. Maybe it’s all the Big Brother I’m watching that’s causing this fear.

What’s your go-to appetizer?

Nachos! Or mozzarella sticks. Anything cheesy!

Who was your childhood hero and why?

Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus. I always thought it was super cool how she was an “ordinary girl,” but had a secret side to her. She was an average high school student, but also a pop star. I wanted to be her so bad.

Creative direction: Agusta Yr (at No Agency New York)
Styling: Erika Golcher
Styling assistant: Macauley Deverin
Environments: Aspik Tears

Ultimate Spinach – Your Head Is Reeling Lyrics

Intro *spoken*:
Collapsed laughter running, falling, drifting, across the mine field of your thoughts dissolved, wondering: “Who am I? Why should I be alone, alone?”

Concrete forests loom into view
Steel throated robots tell you what to do
Look out Big Brother is lookin’ at you
Look out Big Brother is lookin’ at you

Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling

Flowered children dressed in a shroud
Are enveloped by a great flannel cloud
Because they go around acting too proud
Because they go around acting too proud

Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling

[Keyboard Solo]

Plastic masses don’t know what to say
But they want to make all the flowers go away
Or else they’ll take the sun away from your day
Or else they’ll take the sun away from your day

Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling
Your head is reeling

Lexy Lopes – Blck Sheep lyrics

Intro- Talking Portuguese:
A Minha Filha Nao Sabe Fazer Nada
Nao Sabe Fazer Comer, Nao Fazer Nada
Nao Sabe Nao Sabe Limpar A Casa
Esta Muida Nao Vai A Lado Nenhum Com A Vida, A Lado Nenhum
Burra, Estupida, Nao Vai A Lado Nenhum
Tas A Tentar Tudo, Nao Sabes Fazer Nada
Nao Vai A Lado Nenhum

Verse 1:
I am so strange never on the same page
They be trying to lock me in, I don’t do well encaged
Everyone seems plugged in I can’t seem to engage
They told me my age and lexy it’s too late,
So I took matters into my own hands, refused a wage
Bought rage to the stage put power in the bars call ’em Luke Cage
Flash when I come through I’m on 100 M. P. H
Push me over the edge, I found comfort in uncomfortable
My family’s support is (hmmm)
When the money hits the requests are remarkable
When the racks become countable, No! You can’t count on this fool
To them I was like the Pokemon unknown
The unknowable I’m able to know
I planted my seed no doubt this gone grow
I ain’t got that Kit Kat lifestyle take no more breaks
Unbreakable but I’m just able to break
Keep energy good around me, I want no fakes
I won’t take a miss, commit no more mis-takes
System just been through a woke update
Watch out for me coz soon I will be putting them dates.

Chorus (Ft Kadeem Lopes)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
I am the Black Sheep
They Call Me The Black Sheep (They Call Me The Black Sheep)
Black Sheep Black Sheep (Echo)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
I am the Black Sheep
They Call Me The Black Sheep
(They Call Me The Black Sheep)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
They Call Me The Black Sheep

Verse 2
I’m immune to the timetable I don’t work to Big Ben, Big Brother, none of them are my friends,
As I turn up my flames I can feel them approaching my Zen
People give up their dreams like every day is lent
They got em working in straight lines mine are all bent
Flames born at sea, I must be special I must sent
They keep trying to pin me down but I am no tent
Some form of descent
Somehow I’m exempt.
I know I’m here for something different
I be the glitch in this game you just can’t fix it
I’m the unconnected introvert like I’m burning bridges
I seem​ ​to hear things on different pitches
No lump sum can define my riches
I make averages start twitching
As I enter the building they can feel the infringement
The queen presence is so instinctive
​I be taking over but approach is so vintage.
They be trying understand the language but their understanding is so vivid
You got open up my third eye to get the linkage
I call my work rate planet earth while yours is just village
That means your so finish.

Chorus (Ft Kadeem Lopes)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
I am the Black Sheep
They Call Me The Black Sheep (They Call Me The Black Sheep)
Black Sheep Black Sheep (Echo)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
I am the Black Sheep
They Call Me The Black Sheep
(They Call Me The Black Sheep)
(Black Sheep Black Sheep)
They Call Me The Black Sheep

Don’t take advice from people who ain’t gone to the top
Be Different, Be Yourself
How you gonna stand out from the rest if like everybody else
Makes no sense
Be the black sheep
I’m proud to be one

Chip – Loop (The Outro) (League Of My Own II Album)

Ok I spruced up, used clean my boots with a toothbrush
Flash-forward coming out clean going through mud
Christmas wasn’t that lit as yout cuz
Still got the gift of the gab, how are you blud?
They know me I’ll risk it for more than a biscuit
Love Grime, love Rap, Pop I just pimped it
Look at what they making now? Don’t pop me for the pop me
I got a mic and some wifi and nobody can stop me
Ermm you feeling froggy don’t leap here
Niggas thought they left me behind, this the leap year
Visionary, see clear
I pray for these years
Niggas hear more in silence, I don’t speak bare
Came through in the era where you had to be yourself
It was alright to touch mic and sound like someone else
So sorry if I liked him before I heard you
And you just bite a mans style, I ain’t tryna hear you
You can old school or new school or didn’t go school
Don’t know what they told you but Chippy’s no fool
And no women gets time like my vocals
You tryna snuggle with your bae, I sleep next to protools
And voodoo ain’t working on me, thats on God
New levels, new devils, new door, new knobs
Ain’t no fortune tellers or reading palms
Reassurance of my paths, just read two Psalms
Zoot after zoot when the pain hits
How I’m I feeling but my life has been amazing
Came to do music, never came to be famous
Big Brother offer just under a mill, I didn’t take it
Thats no offence to whoever who did
Go ask any spitter in England "Like who’s Chip?"
Don’t care about the industry and dumb ruthless
Have me dishing out community payback like Whoo Kid
Whos in? Who’s out? Who’s strappng? Who’s snapping?
Who’s shooting Who’s rapping? Who’s lying? Who’s gassing?
I’ve been farda with the pen, look I can son them all
If I believed everybody I’d be gullible
Angels on my side, I ain’t tryna get touched
Flipped it on its head, look I got haters showing love
Was a team rocking chains, paw shining in the game
I know niggas that ain’t happy for me I don’t give fuck
Burning pictures, I ain’t tryna keep the memories
Theres no developing when focusing in negatives
Young boy grown up now, so I what i changed then?
I can strap a whole album about fake friends
Rhythm after rhythm, yeah I’m nice on the beats still
When I when I’m in room I listen more than I speak still
Sign what for 100 bags? Thats a cheap deal
You was bubbling and now you’re flat boy keep still
Said when I was younger I would be colder when I’m older
I’m zoned Im a stoner, cold blooded I’m a revolver
Not a nigga she can cry on, get d and not a shoulder
Tryna drink some more water, madting I’m never sober
I don’t wanna skip dude, just suttin’ I gotta skits to
Told my engineer we gotta go and get his kid soon
Or maybe give it time, thats a good plan
But Bells when you hear this know your daddy was a good man
I hope your Mumzy hears this, I hope she’s listening
Cause theres more to life than just bickering
Sam thats my brother, held me down through all the mix up
Bells listen you got a uncle called Chipmunk
And my life behind the scene gets challenging
Done these nigga nuttin’, they just mad I’m still talented
Battling, I was trying write my way to happiness
I bounce back exactly how I imagined it
Yeah, just tryna to touch you with the pen
Guns are bussin’ where I grow up, need my brothers off the ends
Tryna top on these bars one to one, gimme credit
Need the house with no neighbours, I ain’t stopping till I get it
It’s man like trust me, I’m not a little boy now
Neighbours friends wanna buy my pad to keep the noise down
And they talking cash too, cool I like pinkies
If I shot that quickly, one flip, one fifty
What the fuck? Shit miss me
Told T I’m going ghost on these niggas, beg you hit my yard to trim me
Dying over bullshit that can’t be my destiny
In Haringey it’s grimy, summers looking eski
Times I ain’t know where I was going fam
I prayed when it was going good, I prayed when it was going bad
Swervin’ into my lane , ‘llow it where you going man?
I know where I’m coming from and know where I’m going fam
It’s Chippy