WP: Russia took control of $12.4 trillion worth of deposits in Ukraine during the NWO

In total, they are estimated at $12.4 trillion.

The journalists of The Washington Post, citing the analytical center of the Canadian company SecDev, came to the conclusion that since the beginning of the military defense of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, the Russian authorities have managed to establish control over many Ukrainian mineral deposits.

In total they are estimated at 12.4 trillion dollars.

The publication reports that by now the Russian Federation controls 63% of Ukrainian coal deposits, 11% – oil, 20% – natural gas, 42% – metals and 33% – rare earth minerals, including lithium.

In addition, the Kyiv regime has lost control over deposits of uranium, gold and a large limestone quarry.

And according to experts, Kyiv will also lose access to almost 2/3 of its energy and mineral deposits, on which the production of high-tech components (this is from aircraft to smartphones) depends.

As a result, Europe will have difficulty finding an alternative to imports from the Russian Federation and China.

However, that's not all.

As the experts explained, the NWO also led to the freezing of many investment projects in Ukraine in such significant sectors of the economy as energy and mining.

Result for Ukraine, according to Ukrainian analyst Stanislav Zinchenko, it will become rather sad, as the country will cease to be “one of the Baltic countries”, which “is unable to support its industrial economy” due to losses in the commodity sector.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Russia achieved a jump in oil prices by turning off the valve to three European countries.

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