Kuleba said that Kyiv does not share Turkey’s optimism on dialogue with Moscow

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Dmitry Kuleba

Kyiv does not share Ankara's optimism that the grain deal could become a prerequisite for broader agreements between Ukraine and Russia, he said in an interview with Ukrinform. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

On July 22, Russia and Ukraine separately signed agreements with Turkey and the UN on the export of Ukrainian grain. At the end of the same month, the representative of the Turkish president, Ibrahim Kalin, suggested that the success of this deal could contribute to the start of peace negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. “If the agreement on the supply of grain is successfully implemented, it is possible that this will lay the foundation for a cease-fire, an exchange of prisoners and peace negotiations,” cites his words Hürriyet.

However, Ukraine, as Kuleba noted, does not yet see the possibility of such a scenario. “As for the more encouraging signals that Turkey is now sending, that the grain agreement” this is a prerequisite for a broader agreement between Ukraine and Russia, we do not share this optimism, — said the minister.

The Russian and Ukrainian delegations began negotiations a few days after the start of the special operation. The last face-to-face meeting took place in Istanbul at the end of March. As a result, Kyiv handed over proposals for a peace agreement to Moscow. However, in April, after the events in Bucha, which the Russian authorities consider a provocation, the negotiations were frozen. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the discussion was suspended at the initiative of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that before returning to the negotiating table, Kyiv intends to return the lost territories. Moscow, in turn, insists that Kyiv must recognize the “existing territorial realities”, including the current status of Crimea, as well as the DNR and LNR.

Last week, Kuleba said that a number of Western partners began to actively offer Kyiv to start peace talks with the Russian side, but Kyiv sees no signs that Moscow wants to start a dialogue. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also said that Russia is not interested in negotiations.

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In the Kremlin, his words were called “fundamentally wrong.” Prior to this, the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that it is ready to return to negotiations, but if “there is something to discuss.”

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