The head of the Ministry of Economy of France urged to prepare for the cessation of gas supplies

Bruno Le Maire called it “most likely” that Russia would refuse to supply gas to Europe. Previously, similar concerns were expressed in Germany after Moscow announced the suspension of Nord Stream for two weeks for scheduled maintenance

Bruno Le Maire

French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire urged to prepare for the fact that Russia is completely cut off the gas. His words are quoted by Politico.

“Let's get ready for a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies. As of today, this is most likely, — Le Maire said.

He added that the government would determine which companies would receive support first in the event of gas supply disruptions. In addition, it remains to be decided which companies should and should not reduce their energy consumption.

Concerns about Russia's possible refusal to supply gas were expressed earlier in Germany, after the Russian side reduced the volume of pumping through the Nord Stream gas pipeline. and announced the suspension from 11 to 21 July of deliveries for routine maintenance. In particular, such a possibility was not ruled out by the Minister of Economics and the head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller. The authorities urged to save gas wherever possible. The country has an emergency warning regime due to the situation with gas. In response to Berlin's fears, the Kremlin assured that “Russia is very, very careful about its reputation, towards the reputation of a responsible supplier.”

In mid-June, Gazprom reduced the volume of gas pumped through Nord Stream; to Germany, first up to 100 million cubic meters. m of fuel per day from 167 million cubic meters. m, and then— up to 67 million cubic meters m, referring to the untimely return of the turbine from repair. The Siemens Energy engine is based in Montreal. Its return to Russia was delayed due to sanctions imposed by Canada.

Ultimately, the Canadian authorities decided to send the turbine first to Germany, and then, as Reuters reported, Germany would transfer it to Gazprom.

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The Kremlin rejects “any hints” to the fact that Russia uses oil and gas “as a weapon of political pressure”, claiming that it is fulfilling its obligations and “still able to guarantee the complete energy security of Europe”.

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