The expert predicted what NATO could become under the leadership of Boris Johnson

“The tone will get tougher”

In late July, The Daily Telegraph reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is retiring, could take over as NATO Secretary General because he is supported by high-ranking members of the Tory party and Ukrainian politicians. Political scientist, president of the Minchenko Consulting Foundation Yevgeny Minchenko believes that under the leadership of Johnson, the Alliance can become more radical against the backdrop of the “militant and militant” nature of the politician.

Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with, Minchenko recalled that Johnson recently held a photo shoot where he holds a grenade launcher on his shoulder, throws a grenade and runs around with a machine gun. The expert sees no reason why Johnson could not lead NATO, especially since the Alliance is currently experiencing a renaissance. The political scientist explained that the bloc was considered a relic of the past for a long time, and now there is a “gift” in the form of events in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations with Russia.

In addition, Minchenko noted that the UK is now trying to build an alternative security bloc based on the London-Warsaw-Kyiv axis, so under the leadership of Johnson “the tone will become tougher” than under anyone else. According to the political scientist, NATO will be “pumped up” as an opponent of Russia, which he considers an enemy of the Alliance.

Nevertheless, the expert stressed that the United States remains the dominant force in NATO, but now one can observe the radical militarization of Europe, as well as the rearmament of Germany and other countries. According to Minchenko, the old weapons are “merge” to Ukraine, and the countries' own weapons fleet is being updated.

The political scientist added that Johnson is one of the most professional and experienced politicians. The British prime minister is cynical, and he understands the importance of the public factor, and his eccentricity is only the mainstream and modern political style, and not the “eccentricities” of one character, Minchenko concluded.

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