Scholz said that sanctions against Moscow will last “as long as necessary”

Olaf Scholz

Sanctions against Russia will last as long as necessary to support Ukraine. This was announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the ZDF TV channel.

The TV presenter told Scholz that, according to polls, 47% of German citizens would like Ukraine's consent to cession of territory so that sanctions against Russia would be lifted. The people of Germany are worried about rising prices, especially for energy.

“We will maintain solidarity for as long as it takes so that Ukraine can defend itself,”— Scholz said in response. The Chancellor noted that support for Ukraine could continue for a long time.

At the same time, the chancellor admitted earlier that rising energy prices could threaten Germany with social unrest. Scholz was asked if he could guarantee the people of Germany that they would not be cold in winter, to which he replied: “It depends on many things that happen all over the world.” As an example, he cited the risk of a complete halt in gas supplies from Russia.

The German authorities have repeatedly expressed concerns about the issue of gas supply and heating in the coming winter season. We are talking about reducing supplies via Nord Stream 1. In mid-June, Gazprom informed Germany about the reduction of gas supplies through the pipeline: the volume of pumping decreased to 100 million cubic meters. m per day (planned volume & mdash; 167 million cubic meters). At Gazprom then warned of a further reduction to 67 million cubic meters. m.

The Russian company explained the changes by the delay in the repair of turbines manufactured by Siemens (it decided to leave the Russian market in May): they are being repaired in Canada, and it is difficult to take them out of there due to sanctions. However, in Germany, the decline in supplies is considered politically motivated. The country says that Moscow is using gas supplies as an instrument of pressure. The Russian authorities deny such accusations.

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politician, Chancellor of Germany

June 14, 1958

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