France will give Ukraine self-propelled artillery mounts “Caesar”: stuck on the roads

French artillery needs greenhouse conditions

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on April 22 that 155-mm Caesars would be sent to Ukraine as military aid. Alexey Leonkov, a military expert and editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of the French howitzer.

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According to him, “Caesar” has a long range – up to 42 kilometers. In addition, this self-propelled gun does not require constant repair, which is very convenient when there is a shortage of foreign spare parts.

“The main disadvantages of the Caesar are poor off-road patency, lack of protection against enemy shells and a small ammunition load – only 18 shells” , – said Leonkov.

The expert noted that in Ukraine there is an analogue of this self-propelled gun called “Bogdan”, but in single quantities.

The first sample of the “Caesar” was presented in 1994 , and since 2000, its testing began. The French howitzer is flown by a crew of five, but in a pinch it can be flown by a trained crew of three trained troops. The barrel length of the Caesar is 52 calibers.

It also became known that the United States decided to transfer to Ukraine about 70 heavy 155-mm British howitzers M777 and 140,000 shells for them. NATO countries hope that a permanent military supply to Ukraine will increase the duration of the special military operation and weaken Russia. However, recent tests of the Russian Sarmat missile showed that the Russian army has enough forces to continue the special operation.