Is DaBaby Dissing JoJo Siwa in his Latest Track?

DaBaby‘s latest track, “Beatbox Freestyle,” is his version of Spotem Gottem’s viral single, “Beatbox,” and the rapper’s getting roasted by the internet for it. In the song, he mentions openly gay teen star JoJo Siwa, and a lot of people are reading it as a diss.

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The 29-year-old rapper calls the 17-year-old a “bitch,” though the two don’t really have a relationship history or beef. This left a lot of people very confused as to why he would come for Siwa.

why did he say this — #juug (@#juug)1613790057.0

Some are saying that he just mentions her name because “Siwa” rhymes with “see why” at the end of the previous line, and it’s all just wordplay and rap.

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There isn’t necessarily any drama going on, but tweeter @trulyasapphic points out, “dababy is a grown ass man calling jojo siwa a bitch and for what, to rhyme? i- men are so fucking weird and annoying asf.”

Naturally, people took this as an opportunity to make some hilarious memes on Twitter.

listening to dababy and him suddenly calling jojo siwa a bitch — jordantheestallion (@jordantheestallion)1613878131.0
jojo siwa on the way to record the dababy diss track — ☦︎︎ (@☦︎︎)1613870343.0
Da Baby’s daughter when she hears her dad dissing Jojo siwa — princess girl (@princess girl)1613875856.0
dababy got no reason calling out jojo siwa like that😭😭 — jv (@jv)1613868870.0
jojo siwa when she catches dababy in the streets — K (@K)1613868171.0
what dababy gonna do when jojo siwa tell him stay in his bum ass place — fan account. (@fan account.)1613867125.0
how jojo siwa gonna pull up to dababy’s house after hearing his freestyle — Anna (@Anna)1613906830.0

Neither DaBaby, nor JoJo have reacted to the matter.

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