Watch A Man Feed Paul Rudd Like a Baby Bird For Charity

Daylight savings time added a little extra sunlight to our lives this weekend and it seems like, here in New York, we’re finally over the worst of a particularly brutal winter. The smell of soil is in the air, flowers are starting to bloom and a man is spitting food into Paul Rudd’s mouth like a mother bird tending to her flock. Spring has sprung. Last night Comedy Central’s autism fundraiser Night of Too Many Stars aired, with one of the evening’s highlights including “Wheel Of Rudd,” in which audience members could make donations to spin a wheel and do something to Paul Rudd. Watch as Joe from Queens lands on “Baby Bird” and ~really~ gets in there as he delivers a mouthful of roasted chicken to America’s husband. The video cuts off right before the final shot, but someone has kindly Vined the entire thing as well below. [Via Uproxx

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