Bill Murray as a Cute Cowgirl Is the Only Thing We Care About Today

Jimmy Kimmel Live
has been in Austin all week for SXSW and last night guest Bill Murray made a Texas-sized entrance, complete with a mariachi band and a horse. Murray also did his entire appearance in a dress and cute boots and, as someone who grew up in the Southwest and has witnessed many Western wear fashion atrocities, I find Murray’s outfit to be classic Scottsdale-stable-owner-meets-Santa-Fe-earthy and just fun. Why do men always have such nice legs, too? It’s bullshit.

Later, Murray talked about his and Rick Ross’ recent night of joyous laughter together in the studio. Though theirs seemed to be a budding bromance for the ages, things seem to have already fallen apart. Murray explained that the two had been recording a track for Murray’s magical-sounding upcoming Christmas special with Sofia Coppola, but that Ross never showed up to tape the segment in New York. “If anyone sees a big guy who looks like he should’ve been in New York two weeks ago, let me know,” said a scorned Murray, his eyes  heavy and sad with Rozay rejection. Poor guy. Did anyone check Carbone?

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