Milli Major – Shut Down The Dance Lyrics (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)

[Bridge: Milli Major]
We shut down the dance
We shut down the dance
We shut down the dance
We shut down the dance

[Hook: Milli Major]
We shut down the dance
Yeah, you know my team
Bagged the promoters
Drinks on me
There’s queues outside
Like say the entry’s free
That’s it, I’m onstage next
Then assess the P

[Verse 1: President T]
Man wanna talk all greaze
Without the action, back in the day
I was a G, but it ain’t faction
Talking wicked, when it comes down to the crunch
I saw the reaction, said he was an MC, that was a myth
Babylon raided my drum, what did they find?
That was the piff
I said what did they find?
Suitcase packed with money and gold, nah
Suitcase packed with money and dreams
All that I know is money and fiends
There’s no place that President T won’t visit, is it?
If man wanna talk about guns or jail, I’ll have to quiz it


[Verse 2: Paper Pabs]
Shut down the dance, man’ll get lean
Like man are tryna cut down carbs
You ain’t never had no girls on stage
You ain’t never shut down Prague
You ain’t never caught no planes then got picked up
Then picked up mics
Bloodline fam be the campaign
Shutdown bars with the champagne life
I can shut down a rave on Skype
I can shut down a rave on Facetime
All of the raves are shutdown ramp
I don’t know what you heard on the grapevine
Ain’t no place on Earth that I can’t relax, fact
Can you put your hands in the air till your arms collapse?


[Verse 3: Milli Major]
Anywhere we go, we shut down the dance
London, Manny, Brum, France
Leeds, Leicester, Bristol, Prague
One two drinks makes anyone rough
Had too much, now I’m fully turnt up
But it’s all love so push your hands up
If the whip breaks down, you push your damn car
That’s the only time you push the damn car
Might just shell
Shut down the place then move your girl
Ain’t going my crib, stay at hotel
Ask the reception room 112
Yeah, yeah, just know I’ll be gone by the morning
I ain’t gonna stick around for the talking
Gotta hit it, and I ain’t calling
If you ain’t fam, you better keep walking

[Bridge] + [Hook]

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