Sam Evian – Where Did You Go? Lyrics

I had a dream
Of a clear blue sky
Where you tell me your name
And the temperatures rise

You fly away
In a big jet plane
But you turn it around
And fly back again

Reach in my pocket
There’s only a dime
Can you take me there?
Can you take me to ride?

I’m feeling ready
I’m feeling OK
Is it time to run away?
Is it time to run away right now?

Where did you go? [x6]

There isn’t much
In the world that I need
But a real fast car
Can be everything

If I had money
I would throw it away
But I’d save a little bit
For the old highway

Who can tell me
That it’s only a dream
When I hear so clear
How the caged bird sings?

I keep the memory
Of this place
It is burned in my brain
And I’ll never let it fade
No, no

Where did you go? [x12]


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