Psychopunch – Mannequin Dream Lyrics

Sweet young and innocent – Daddys little girl
They love your pretty face – you’re going for Miss World
There ain’t no easy way – There’s nothing left to say

One night in Paris with a former superstar
You lost your innocence in a backseat of a car
Well beauty ain’t no crime – but it fades away with time

Mannequin – a heart of stone
Just like a moving target you’re alone
Mannequin – down on your knees
You think you got the power,Baby please

You flash your pretty face in a fashion magazine
You’ve been around the world since you were just sixteen
You’ve lost your teenage pride – You’re dying deep inside

Last night you heard a scream from the corner in a bar
You turned your head around just like a former star
Your dreams will fade away – there’s nothing left to say

I saw you crying in the moonlight -higher than the sun
Pretty close to scream in your mannequin dream

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