Possessed – Omen Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rising up from the depths of the sea
Bringing armies to war
Cast down from the heavens above
Laying waste from the shore

My hell is real
The morning star
My mark is sealed
Triple sixes in scars

[Verse 2]
Behold, the seven archons returned
Days of vengeance and wrath
Cast down to the cities that burn
Armageddon my path
The beast is creeping through the darkness that comes
While the clarions sound
Seven heads with a whore on its back
The truth of darkness is found

The claw will slash
The tooth will rend
The searing ash
Foul cursed wind

[Verse 3]
Lord of demons and a thousand years
Satan’s legions are near
Break the chains from the bottomless pit
Abaddon’s chasm appears
The time, it passes like the future of man
Still, we’re doomed to our past
The demon’s number just like grains in the sand
The dragon’s army amassed

My hell is real
My hell is blood
My hell is here
My hell is good

[Verse 4]
Eyes of fire, hearts of stone
Praise the end of Christendom
The end of days, eternal night
Blinded eyes devoid of sight
Eternal fire and misery
Diabolic demon screams
Satan sits upon his throne
Cathedrals burn, the fall of Rome
Temples of the burning sand
With evils from the heart of man
Sweeping planets from the sky
His time has come, the beast will rise

Our world has fallen to ruin
Sin and despair
Our god has left us alone
Never to care
I call upon the old gods
Bring us to hell
The second coming of the false prophet
Our Lucifer
Hail Lucifer
An omen of the times foretold
The gods of old rising up from hell
From hell

[Guitar solo 1: Gonzalez]
[Guitar solo 2: Creamer]

[Verse 5]
God is dead, mythology
Lucifer’s technology
Put to sleep while still awake
Everything you’re told is fake
All you hear and all you see
Disappearing instantly
Satan lives, God is dead
Demonic voices in my head

[Verse 6]
Broken hearts of sinners and fools
The martyrs burning below
From Golgotha’s flowing rivers of blood
We all reap what we sow
I am dead yet forever endure
Engulfed in fire and flames
My life is seeded by an evil so pure
Satan’s calling your name

My wicked life
Has brought me here
I bring you hate
I bring you near


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