Hands Off Gretel – I Want The World Lyrics

I’m the baddest, I’m the goddess, I’m the one that spoke
Your mental highness make me die miss make me wanna choke
I’ve got a list of all I’ve wanted, wanted in this girl
So give me all I’ve ever wanted, ever wanted now

And now I’ve got my world
Buried six feet under all those to ever doubt I’d ever rule my world
It’s all I’ve..

All I’ve ever wanted was to sing songs at my show but singing songs will never feed my ache and now I wanna show the world exactly what I’ve got but not just the world. I Wanna show the whole world!

I’m the rudest, I’m the cutest, I’m the one that hurts
You’re jealous are ya? Girl on fire! Girl to crash and burn!
I’m the sweetest see the truth is there’s no word for that, that I want
So give me all i’ve ever wanted, ever wanted now!

And now i’ve got my world
Buried six feet under all those to waste my time
There’s pain in my mind, It’s for the last time

All i’ve ever wanted was to see myself on TV but lately i’ve been thinking I will never be. The girl I’ve always pictured is much stronger as a dream cos the truth is I don’t think i have it in me!

WORLD! I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD! And not just the world yeah, i want the world, big shiny big old world oh yeah yeah yeah… and not just the world! I want the whole world..


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