Flatsound – The Art Of Not Thinking About It Lyrics

I heard your footsteps on my wooden floor
It was on that bed that we ignored the TV we used for light
Your fingertips were so secure
When you spoke I felt your words burning through my chest
Cause happiness is close
I can feel it in my bones
Like inhaling the morning winter coast
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
Cause I can feel you breathe
When your chest and my chest meet
In a pattern like the waves on the beach
Let’s be honest
I don’t know how not to think about these things that keep me up
It’s just I’ve been so frightened by these awful thoughts
Im afraid my body’s had enough
And my chest caves in
And my heart gives up
But I feel it now
And it’s stronger than it’s ever been before
But I know that it’s okay
Cause you came with me to the doctor
And I looked him in the eyes
And said I don’t need your pills to survive
All I needs this girl beside me
These words I feel inside me
And I cry to you so quietly
I said I’m scared but is this likely
That I’m dying without fighting
That my children will despise me
Cause their father was a pansie
With a fragile shaking body
And a mind that can’t stop thinking
And these eyes they can’t stop crying
But I’ll be fine as long as nothing
Ever stops this heart from loving you
Loving you


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