Dekstra Large – Just Relax Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I tell myself, try to understand
Keep an open mind and aspire to advance
You need to know how I hide a hand
Genetically engineered us from a primal man
The pineal gland waits inside
You need access, you don’t wanna waste your time
Your frequence is low, gotta take it high
Your life is limited, you gotta make it live
Get tired of repetition, gotta shuffle the playlist
Drugged up or in labor, stuck in a matrix
Suffering crazy, it’s in loving and in hating
It’s a DJ in the making just juggling basics
Something amazing, like stars when you gazing
Anything can happen, it’s ours for the taking
Opportunities lost, but far from forsaken
Set me in an action for God’s entertainment
Pawns get played with and the angels laugh
Like billions of souls on a painful path
We breed moments of joy, build and destroy
We lost our way and it makes us mad

Just relax
I can take it from here cause I hear you ain’t up for the task
I got it covered, no discussions of that
But I’m making fresh trails on a dusty path
March, step, creep, jump
Just move, everybody gotta keep up
Just move, and just relax
Just move, and just relax

[Verse 2]
Take it easy, what’s the rush?
Who you tryna scare with your huffs and puffs?
I’m right here if you need assistance
But you don’t need me to reach the distance
I wouldn’t worry about a thing, son
You’re gonna win some or lose some and then some
We got different skills, we help one and other
Hope you got my back when the rest don’t wanna
I’m the blame if I end up alone
I don’t wanna be a king defending the throne
Pretend is in clones, insecure
You need to scratch back and your itchy nerves
Picture perfect doesn’t exist
Untill we get revolution up in this
Retrobution is not an option
Only next level mindsets can stop the problem


[Verse 3]
I am that I am, lost in translation
Everything is everything, gotta have patience
Vibration, the world is duality
Separation, verge of insanity
Don’t judge, observe when you study
Past, future, regrets, worries
Move steady and float to a new goal
Never wake up, who’s ready to go?



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