David Dondero – Ode To A 1973 Chevy Open Road Lyrics

Built in 1973
Fossilized technology
Swear the thing sleeps 43
And were not pulling over
Open road by chevrolet
Sail across the usa
Whole damn thing was in decay
Were not pullin over

So the carburateurs shot
Tires all got dry rot
Transmissions gonna drop
But were not pullin over
Engine block its got a crack
See the smoke its a blowin black
Muffler just blew its stack
But were not pullin over

Here we go
Open road

Timing chain it outta time
Brakes are gone so keep flyin
Fix it up with a piece of twine
Were not pullin over
All the belts are rubber bands
Gas tank is a full of sand
It steer itself the gears are jammed
Were not pullin over


Eats a quart of oil a mile
The radios got a broken dial
Were singing static with a smile
But were not pullin over

Windshield wipers both are gone
Its pourin rain but were movin on
Got a show were gonna sing our songs
Were not pullin over

Here we go

Sailin across the midwest ocean
Sailin across the midwest sea
Ocean of corn
Sea of soybean
Ocean of weed
We was comin thru from olean
Comin to shore in the rockies and
Shore in appalachia
Achipelago chicago
Isle of omaha

Highway 90
Or 101

Now the alternators dead
Radiators a turnin red
Put in diesel when it said no lead
But were not pullin over

Thank the lord for the AAA
Were gonna take it state to state
Should forget the car, its not too late
Were not pullin over

Being trailed by 20 cops
But those suckers can’t make us stop
We got a show, we gotta rock
Were not pullin over

Hear that we just got a flat
Heard an explosion in the back
I was tryin to take a nap
Were not pullin over

But i knew the day would come
Open road and i would be done
Like a rusted setting setting sun
Finally pullin over

Sold it off to shadow and puck
Passed the keys and said good luck
Now i drive a nissan truck
And were not pullin over

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