Son Kuma – Type Uh Way Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I never asked you to bother me
But when a pretty devil gets on top and all over me
I feel compelled to treat her well cus that is the policy
Take a step in hell by treating demons to Halloween
Probably made a fool of myself I’ve been swallowing how I felt
Fall in autumn is taking Ls laugh it off and feel like Chappell
My life’s a Comedy but pardon me miss
Can I just get an honest apology? shit
Told me all these plans that you were never gon’ follow through
Don’t send another letter better yet go and call yo dude
I’ve been packing zags of cabbage like I’ve been on the move
I ain’t talking baggage I’m talking that hallelujah
Feeling stellar, lit like feathers on the moon (yah)
Take a xanny or an addy watch cartoons (yah)
Floating off the OG, soak my throat in booze (yah)
Finding ways to drain the pain for Son Kuma

[Verse 2]
I bet you have those days when you be chilling in your room
Yeah you know those days the ones where you be craving shrooms
So you can leave this place and travel somewhere new
Make some friends that don’t exist but hey at least they know you do
Smoking on that cali kush and drinking up that malibu
(I mean I prefer patron) but nigga you do you
You feel a type uh way and honestly I think I do too
Many reasons to be honest, school got me down, the hoes got me down
I ain’t got money, I ain’t got a hunnies flocking around
I ain’t got nothing f**king with me, so tell me what’s got you down
Tell me everything, I’m here for you
Like tell me everything my nigga
Tell me what you’re thinking right now
Tell me why

You feel a type uh way
You feel a type uh way
You feel a type uh way
You feel I said it: You feel

[Verse 3]
I got a message for you
I got suspended from school
Almost arrested for selling drugs when the cops had no proof
Met a chick but got sick to my stomach when she came through
But for real I had some problems so I shouldn’t blame boo
I popped some pills like every day
I snorted shit and nourished it in almost every way
I’d purchase it and feel euphoric almost right away
I’d force the shit and pour some gin to help it make its way
Through my body to my brain Made that pain go right away
I mean I’m saying it like it was years ago when I really just did it yesterday
Playing the same games and making the same chase
Hoping dragon is dragging its feet so maybe I can slay

[Verse 4]
Abuse is funny cus you be losing money
Using hella excuses to keep it new and running
And your days just be looping like you’re producing something
Fooling with your body like you just a copy or a voodoo puppet
In reality, you’re gambling and anteing but bluffing
Then when casualties and tragedies start hitting you be fussing
You trusted judgment when you started drugging
But then, your friends said that its all your fault but you said no it wasn’t
Dude it was
You wanted buzz
Just like a bee, you got behind the bud and said because
You didn’t give a single f**k
Not even one
So don’t be mad now cus you ain’t got no one
You f**king dumb

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