Nasaan – Dirty Soap Lyrics

(808 Mafia)
Yeah, believe me, shit wasn’t easy
Why the f**k you wanna be me?
Why the f**k you wanna be this shit?
Looking at me far as leadership
Pointed me: “You gonna be the VIP.”
No questions asked, I over see this shit
Until we all over seas and shit
I do the f**k out my job, I’m just waiting on M after
M after, M after, M after, after M, nigga

Do all you want, bitch, we do all we can
I’m from Westside Detroit, every night ambulance
Everyday niggas starve, every night I would cringe
Every talk go” Yo, they just let who out the pin?”
I just jumped out the gym, finna jump out again
A three niggas, three piece, that’s a boom, bop, babam
Couldn’t snatch up my brother, took body instead
Niggas pop pop pa pop and go pop at ya mans
Man, that shit ain’t for kids, man, that shit ain’t pretend
How we ‘posed to move forward?
How we ‘posed to advance?
How the f**k my whole entire city in debt
How the f**k my whole entire city a threat?
Got the game from my grandma, black nigga big target
I never showed defeat, nigga, no sandals
I go get that shit, nigga, risk it and gamble
Don’t wish for no shit, I just blew out of the candles

This is 9-1-2, check a dispatch

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