Mir Fontane – Homie’s Story Lyrics

In the city of bad drugs and bad love
Two friends was dyin’ to get they cash up
One named Homie, the other named Shorty
Before you ask any questions, just let me tell you the story
See, Shorty had a cousin that had the whole block bumpin’
Mixin’ dope with the soap, had all the local fiends buggin’
But that was Shorty idol, his words was like The Bible
Just like Kobe had a Michael, Shorty wanna be just like him
So his cousin put him on, down the corner by his lonely
Workin’ back to back shifts, he ain’t got time to see Homie
And Homie got a problem, he addicted to the pills
And molly percocet, he just love the way that it feels
He just love the way that it feel, hate the way that they taste
One time Shorty watched Homie take five pills to the face
You see, Homie just caught a case, he don’t know if he can beat it
He got shot but still took the drugs, but he don’t really need it
And it’s f**kin’ with his head, at times he wishin’ he was dead
He ain’t even talk to Shorty cause he gettin’ to the bread
So he’s roamin’ ’round the streets, with the gat on his waist
The percs stopped kickin’ in, keep scratchin’ his face
He ran across an old man, with a black suitcase
He coulda probably a lawyer if he got shit straight
He walked right up to Homie, trippin’ on his shoelace
But Homie was high himself, and so he caught ’em a break
They talked for a few hours and the nigga was cool
He liked to get high too, that’s what they did after school
Sometimes Homie skipped class when the high start to crash
He hit the alley to pop whatever the old man had
One day Homie said, “I ain’t comin’ by no mo’
Cause the pills, they just ain’t gettin’ me high no mo’
I gotta go”
The old man jumps and grabs his arm
Turns it over, checks his veins, then checks his palm
He says, “I know just what you need to get you on
But I gotta ask got a favor just to get this done
Can I use your gun, promise I won’t run
Do you trust me? Cause I trust you, just like my son”
That hit Homie in the chest cause he ain’t never had a daddy
Plus his nerves startin’ up and he need to get high badly
So he gave the fiend the gun, watched him run back out the alley
Ran right a couple blocks, where all the niggas that trap be
Shorty posted up, got his stash off in a tuck
He takes a pull from his blunt and see a client runnin’ up
“What you need?” “Sir please, I just need 2 G’s
Enough for me and my boy to get us where we should be”
Shorty signals with his hand, the fiend gives him the money
He looks down, then looks at the man real funny
“This fake as shit, counterfeit!”
The fiend takes off runnin’
Shorty grabs him, the old man pops 2 in his stomach
And he bleedin’ Shorty screamin’ as his insides gushin’
His cousin started bussin’ but he ain’t hit nothin’
Then he ran over to Shorty, looked him right in his eye
He picked him up, Shorty said: “Cuz, am I gon’ die?”
“Shorty I won’t let you die, we family”
Then he put Shorty in the back of the Camry
Shorty said it feels like his bladder’s on fire
Everybody give up they shirt to keep the outside dry
Now it’s all this f**kin’ blood in the backseat, blood in the backseat
Bloody t-shirts and surgical gloves in the backseat
Doin’ 85 on the highway, it’s crazy how Shorty birthday is on Friday
Gas tank almost on E but Cuz still took flight
I swear they was almost there before the red and blue lights
“Don’t stop,” Shorty explained, before he winced in pain
Trunk full of cocaine, they looked at Shorty insane
Cuz said, “I got warrants nigga, forget all that
I already got 2 strikes and I can’t go back”
They pulled over to the side, then they ran in the shade
And left Shorty in the back in his own Kool-Aid
Yeah, back in the city the fiend back in the cut
He yells out, “Homie, I got him, roll your arm sleeve up”
That’s when he gave Homie the dope and at first, it was a rush
A nice warm sensation in his arm and his guts
But remember, Shorty cousin mixed the dope with the soap
So as soon as the high started, Homie then started to choke
He start foamin’ at the mouth and his eyes roll back
He felt his chest cave in, and then his lungs had collapsed
That was Homie last time in that alley, in fact
Cause him and the fiend OD’d from the punch of the smack
It ain’t no moral to the story, this is what it is
Cause if the kids runnin’ the city, then who’s watching the kids?

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