Martin Suarez – Faded Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We drinking out the bottle f**k shots
I’m all about the guap
You say you getting money but you not
Headed to the top I ain’t gon’ stop now
Two bad bitches on me
So gone I can’t see
Finna get turnt all bottles on me, yeah

I’m faded, I’m faded
Pass me the bottle pretty lady
Let’s get this party going escalated
Only want you for tonight don’t try to play me
f**k them other dudes that you dated
They don’t compare to me I’ll treat you like a lady
Them lips of your have me going crazy
And that ass never cease to amaze me

[Verse 2]
We in the club, VIP entrance
Everything I told you, I swear I meant it
Me, hennessy, and you
Ima turn you on get you in the mood
Dylan’s in the back popping bottles
Throwing dollars, cooling with some models
I just wanna see you drop it low
Shake that ass
Drop it to the floor


[Verse 3]
I know you love to party girl, so let’s go
Ima put in work, yeah you know that’s for sure
Turning up to the early morning
Hope the neighbors ain’t gon’ hear all that moaning
You won’t do it for them, but you do it for me
I got my mind on you, because you’re all I need
Don’t be tripping baby because I mean it for real
Now let’s head back to my crib so we can seal the deal
Let’s end the conversation baby
I hope you know you drive me crazy
You know I’ll treat you like a lady
f**k them hoes, and them bitches they don’t phase me
I’m all about the money, all about the guap
And I ain’t gon’ stop hustling til I’m at the top
Put you in a Porsche, put you on a yacht
I want it all I’m balling hard and y’all not


We gon’ get faded, we gon’ turn it up
Tell the DJ play my song, and turn it up
Club heating up I can’t get enough
Need you by my side, can’t get enough

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