Jinz Moss – Notes Lyrics (feat. MK-1)

Who’s this the putrid nuclear puke mucus, stewing a huge brew polluted but who’s lucid
Abusive but use music get booted if you stupid, a pube in a huge puke pit wounded by heughed cupid
Bruising with skewed uses, attuned but the truth’s fruitless
You ain’t f**king with my inner strength let alone my wordplay
When my heart beats it causes sonic booms and earthquakes
Your words stay worthless, my words taste turdless
Words break barriers, words cause murders
Words make characters, words teach learners
Words mean everything and words mean nothing
Words can be hate filled, words be loving
Words are the tools that we use in this trade
On my last tape I infused them with hate
Now I’ve calmed down a little bit, I’m truthfully tame
But I’m still walking round with this puke in my brain…
The flow’s broken but potent, opponents hold the components
Of homos phoning for boners, you’re a joke broken and boneless
You sold your soul and emotions, the foe utopias told us
Stay growing choking unchosen, my flow bestowed in an omen
My home like Rome to the Romans the zone is frozen and hopeless…
Still I hope that everything I’ve worked for works out
Stations ain’t playing me I’m jumping over turnstiles…
Enemy of the state look at the sate of my enemies
They afraid of their fate friends will hate me eventually
Say safe to my face they ain’t preying to better me
They be scraping for pay portraying faces of jealousy
I was paving the way sacred aching incessantly
While you stayed in the bay taking caine for a memory
…taking caine for a memory
Life’s like banging whores skin back
You never know what you’re gonna get when you hit that
Sit back spliff chat six pack fit slags jinz dat
Boy with the muddy tongue preach no practice

MK-1; KRS-One
This is what Hip Hop is
It’s everyday life, it’s your character
What you think of yourself changes your reality

f**k it he’s a funny cunt Nemo’s address
Lost in a muddy slum seen on Sax 5th
Punching a dutty slut he’s on crack shit
…he’s on crack shit
And I don’t know who I am any more I’m just trapped in the prison of this lyricism
Kissing a forbidden written living but I’m sick of living
Livid cause I’m crippled in it he’s so f**king hypocrites spitting like he didn’t sniff it…
I just speak from the perspective of a man who escaped everything that he was hexed with
I just speak from the perspective of a man who escaped everything that he was hexed with…
Pay knowledge ain’t fake cause the pay’s honest your brain’s a safe wallet
I hate but stay modest the games a snake forest
Venomous intentions float through the forecourts corporate the core’s raw
Morbid and immortal, falling ain’t a short fall, mauling at the morsels
More fool the victims rubies are roofies ruthless the riches
Pursue this Anubis will puke on your wish list…
Sing sing, sing for ya cash flow
Ya bling bling you lost all your back bone
Ya win sin so you sold him ya damn soul
Traded your heart for the dark in the mangroves…

Outro Cuts
MK-1; KRS-One
I learnt on my spiritual journey
What you think of yourself changes your reality
Don’t allow someone to tell you to catch 100 fish when you’re doing good with two

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