Go Yayo – Power Up Lyrics

Hoodfame Hoodfame
Super Saiyan Yayo, No Mo Free Yayo It Costs
Power Up

You niggas is no competition (at all)
I alfa pussy did I mention
I was really in the kitchen
Me and 44 really bussin’ down [?]
Posted on the block, you know that we gotta get it
Truckload, that’s a lot of chicken
Take a pint and we reseal it
You get out of line and you gon’ feel it
End of discussion
Ran out of red, I’m sippin’ on tusslin
Choppa bang like percussion
Pop up on ’em, ain’t no touching, we bussin’
That hoe you cuffing on used to steal mine
Hit her from the back, let her feel [?]
I know you heard through the grape vine
Had that bitch eat dick for a long time
Boy, you so gay
So fake and fugazy
Tried the youngin’, must be crazy
You callin’ my phone, ain’t got nothing to say
Pull up on the east side, it’s a homicide
Hunnid round drum, everybody die
You better duck when them bullets fly
Catch a homie at the store, we wasn’t down to ride
Them niggas don’t f**k with you
Who really grew up with you
Them niggas gon’ run when we buck at you
Them niggas gon’ run when we come for you
Pull up to your hood, them niggas don’t know you
[?] a little pussy, nigga, I’ll show you
I keep them bands in my pants like it’s poker
Bands on the table, nigga, no Texas hold ’em
Hammer so big when I bust it damn near blew out shoulder
In the trap house beatin’ the pack out
Crack rock big like a boulder
Balling hard, [??]
20 bricks in the rover
Dunking pints in the soda
My bitch like Beyoncé so I guess that I’m Hov
[?] off in Bentleys and Masis
All my niggas duckin’, catching a body
My niggas got big like that niggaa Yo Gotti
That crack in that black, you know that we got it
We know that we trapping, you know that we make it happen
You know you other niggas really can’t be
Get caught with that pack, boy, you know I’m [?]
These niggas so pussy, I really slap ’em
Hello Kitty, nigga, know you a coochie
Foreign money, got the blueprint from Lucci
Powered up off that molly, we bootin’
Ready or not here I come like The Fugees
Ain’t nothin’ I do lowkey
Hard head gang, young OG
Been thuggin’ since I stood 4 feet
Dunking 93 octane gas OG
Ain’t nothin’ I do lowkey
Hard head gang, young OG
Been thuggin’ since I stood 4 feet
Dunking 93 octane gas OG

Hoodfame Hoodfame
Hoodfame Hoodfame
Go Yayo
Free the gang
Rich Before 21, bitch
Rich Beofre 21, bitch
Rich Before 21, bitch
Power up
Free the clique
Power up
Better come with it, nigga
Part 2 on the muhf**kin’ way

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