David Sparte – You Make Me Feel So Bad Lyrics

Fresh, Dope!
I’ll meet you back at the house
I’m riding to see my dogs
Baby, we’ve got our friends to meet
Oh, you’re late now!
Tell me, are you f**king around?
A Couple of calls and the pressure is on
Sweet baby, please hurry up!
It’s time to turn up
This night we’ll burn it up
Magnums of grey goose, drinks are on me
Let’s go, get loose, have fun

And you’re drunk on the floor
Go girl you’re a foolish doll
And you’re drunk on the floor
Back up before she starts the war
Hook it up, hook it up, hook it up baby
Drink it up, drink it up, drink it up baby
Make it up, make it up

[Chorus] x2
You make me feel, so bad
You make me feel, so so bad
You make me feel, so bad
You make me feel, so so bad

Free shots
Sipping of champagne corks
The sound of clinking glass
OK baby, please just back that up!
I remember “lemon/salt”
Liquor “second round”
You kissing strangers tongue
Don’t f**k around
Do you want to try to kiss that punch?
We now rolling on the floor
We’re fighting but I’m on top
What’s happening now?
Don’t call the cops, don’t call the cops
Don’t call the cops, I want the final punch!
I don’t know what’s going on
I’m in the crowd, I’m in it, In it
But they’re grabbing my arms
My feet don’t touch the floor
They’re kicking me out!!


[Chorus] x2

I get her better, I see her better
None of us is better
I’m outside of the club, drunk with my girl
She got mud in her hair
She throws up in the back there
And if I’m going to jail, she’ll bail me out babe
And if I’m going handcuffed, she’ll follow
I managed the game boy, even if we played like fools
She ends up home with me
Let’s just get home my dear, cause we’re done there
Feel better now with you baby
Tonight it all went down!

[Chorus] x4


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