Barz Da Lyricist – Sailing Lyrics

Intro : uh huh x2 (ooo )
Uh huh x2 (smooth )
Uh huh x2 ( ooo x2 )

Verse : the current is passing
Im seeing the flow of the ocean i see people playing in sands see
I am just very observant I see people sitting and standing
I pick up the many emotions, some actions looked like they’re provoked and
Some things don’t need to be jokes Yet i see people laughing
Lemme just stay on this boat please I’ll just keep on rafting
It’s too much around me , the negative found me
, I’ll go different paths then . I’ll go different routes
Life is a journey , obstacles before me I’ll figure it out

People don’t like me indirectly hype my names in their mouth
If it’s rainin or hailin I just keep on sailin i cannot go south
And if I go south , I won’t slip or drown
The devil won’t stop me , Lucy’s not in my town
I have too many hobbies to just shut it all down
There are too many lobbies that are filled up with clowns
Back in the day I’m sure many would say life was not about clout
Music was a passion ,not just popular attraction

As I’m on this boat I see temporary action
I see people on yachts for 5 minutes then crashing
I see circles multiply split up into fractions
When these circles do divide all the chaos starts to happen but I’m

Sailing through the rocks , sailin through the wind
Sailin through the storm do you comprehend ? From the start to end , only choice to win , people do pretend that they’re at the top
Then they get surprised when you take their spot
Cause they’re claiming what they know they’re really not
Need 6 fans cuz I’m really getting hot
Tick tock cuz I’m looking at my watch

Think it’s time to elevate, think it’s time to thank the hate , all you really you do is motivate
Push my craft when it gets too late

Sailing X2

Hook: Ima keep on sailin to success
Ima keep on sailin from east to west
Ima keep on sailin doin my best aye
Ima sail through the no’s until I reach my yes aye x2

Outro : ride out x3 (ooo)
Ride out x3 (smooth )

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