Aidan Fine – Rabbit Hole Lyrics

I’m in a rabbit hole
I spend with you
Every time I open up
I guess I fall right through
I’m in a rabbit hole, yeah

[Verse 1]
I don’t trust these women
They could never catch me slipping
I don’t trust these women
They could never catch me slipping
Until I fell for you
I guess I lost myself
Deep inside my point of view
Period, I told you how I felt
And now I’m feeling it
I feel like you don’t feel you
Been on my mind
But for a long damn time
I’m tryna get you out of it
I’m different from these other guys
Who tryna get you out of it
Your outfit, I’m proud of it
I know thyself, myself included
My cells polluted with Judas’ juices
I betrayed my self-trust
By ignoring intuition
Self-admission that my system isn’t pristine
Cells imprisoned by my lack of vision
And you don’t see it, do you?
At least you’re loyal to your man
But you don’t need him, do you?
Every time I talk to you
I’m falling deeper through you
I’m in the rabbit hole now
Let’s rewind time to before I even knew you


[Verse 2]
I can’t love these women, man they really got me tripping
I can’t love these women, man they…
Look, our cocoon never made it
How come you spun the web?
Google search my name
Tyna understand my fame
Or my lack of it
My first cousin asking why I’m rapping by the dozens
And never dropping any bakers
You’re overrated, and I agree
Lucretius told me that
I’m top 10 in Africa; I disagree
My cup runneth in my own lane
Mixing up my metaphors
I’m Superman with no Lane
She at Bruce Wayne’s crib tonight
But they have gang fights
He a blood and she a crip tonight
Girl, you should end it
Are you happy?
That’s an honest question
I hate relationships
With lopsided obsession
Perfectionism is my only one true blessing
Cos I ain’t got it, so my life circles around perfection
I’m falling down the rabbit hole
Learning my last lesson


[Outro: Courtney McCaulay]
Look, I don’t know what to say to you
I can feel that we’re drifting
And it’s hurting you
It’s hurting me too
But why do we need to hurt?
I don’t wanna hurt

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