G Herbo – Sessions Lyrics

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[?] fucked up, man
[?] swerve
G Herbo, swerve
Swerve, you know I take over [?]
Yeah man you know me and all my niggas gotta [?], you know
[?] he need the max for his first tape, he don’t even rap for it
DJ Big Drum
Willie the beast

[Verse 1]
I had to run it up again (I had to run it up again)
Lost that shit so quick, I’m thinkin’ back like “What the fuck I spend?”
My homies in the pen, I’m talkin’ to them like “How much I’ve seen?”
I just ran it up, couldn’t even complain, I was built to win (Yeah)
Sometimes I think “Why God keep blessin’ me and I’m committin’ sins?”
How come my bitch keep stressin’ me? Man, look at the crib we in
Hell yeah, I’m livin’ it up with my niggas, look at all the shit we did
And my neck start to hurt when I put my chains on, ’cause them bitches big
Bitch it’s Herbo you know what it is (Swervo)
Everything I do big (Big)
And you might think on this bitch I rap, you could still get pop out with the CIG
Before rap I was trappin’ with big time trapper and stay in the trap I did
When I play a track and that bitch on my left and I put it on cap I did
Late night, [?] off an eighth of the add, it was just me and [?]
I remember it was snow every in the ground, [?] I speed it
[?] somebody, I need it
I’m feelin’ like fightin’ my demons
[?] I was pourin’ them eights in them Sprites, I ain’t even feel like fightin’ my demons
Miss the studio sessions and meet with labels back then I ain’t like [?]

Now I was at the meet with Epic
How did it go? It was epic
But Swervo you say you still independent, how you was at the meetin’, you flexin’
Just know I’m eatin’, I can teach a thing or two, baby come here, you sexy, uh

[Verse 2]
Brought this shit off [?]
Now I got shout out in Texas
You ‘posed to be real nigga, try and confront, pussy ain’t call, you texted
What if I ain’t never get to check it, I got way too many messages
And you know we gon’ pull up, you know everybody got bullets and we rockin’ [?]
Them checks comin’ in, spendin’ ’em, nothing [?], we makin’ investments
That shit comin’ in, shout out my folk gettin’ in, we fuckin’ with massacres
And that shit gettin’ old, shout out my folk gettin’ off, got chickens and [?]
Who know how to whip? [?] and they want a lil’ less for it
Hurry up ‘fore they [?], out in LA fuckin’ off, givin’ wet hoes the rest of it
Ah shit real deal, they ain’t touchin’ it
Hit us up, we got a bunch of it
My homies on [?] they wanna be crunchin’ it
[?] with my dawgs, [?] they wanna see punchin’ it
Buss down the [?]
V-12 whip, doin’ stuff in it
Like “Bonjour, go on tour, make a lil’ ammount of money shit”
Like “On board, walk [?] explore, don’t make it off the floor”
And your bitch thick just walked past in her dress, she gon’ take it off I’m sure
Finna get another crib, boy
This like number four
I’m a shootin’ score
I’m like [?]
I’ma get money, nigga I’m not a robber or
Bitch I’m a hustler and I’m [?] and my momma’s boy
Jumped in that water and I turned into a piranha, boy
And my slime gon’ kill like an anaconda, boy
Pop a perky, superpowers for real, like a Wakanda boy
Let a nigga disrespect you, man what kind of boy?
Smokin’ straight gelatto this ain’t marijuana, boy
And my bitch black but her hair look like Madonna’s, boy
And I’m a rapper but I move like a don dada, boy
And I’m a savage but they love me like Obama, boy

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