The Poochie Project – The Devil Is A Sly Ole Fox (Ode To Hillary) lyrics

The devil is a sly ole fox if I could catch him I would put him in a box and lock the lid and lose the key for all those tricks he played on me.

1st Verse:

Coal used to be king but now it’s not clean
Immigrants recruited but now they are booted
All the jobs that used to be went to poorer people we cannot see
Indians used to roam the plains now they roam the casino games
Girls being abused since the day they were born and not knowing what they were being used for
Keeping Jerry and Maury on a long run
It’s a shame they don’t know where they came from
Priest loving boys and shunning girls
Kids hungry and cannot buy a lunch while being bullied by the Brady bunch
Priest loving boys and shunning girls

Chorus: Trickery Slickery he be skinning and grinning…. Repeat

2nd Verse:

Dr. Huxtable dispensing pills just for his thrills
Doctor’s use to be healers but now they are dealers
Took the Prince and King of Pop
When will it stop?
Pretty soon the Juice will be loose
I am sure he will be cutting up again
Thank God for our Sanctuary States amen amen amen

Chorus: Trickery Slickery he be lying more lying… Repeat

Bridge; Well this is what I learned

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