Rock Mason – Spew Sucking Fascists lyrics

A stupid man with great big plans to purge the world and all it, S lands
Of people of an impure race A legacy of death and hate
They, re here today- full of hate- even in the usa
Organized to fight the war- hear them knocking at your door
They, re white and pure learned to- minds of sewers full of pooh
Coming after me and you-The, re spew sucking fascists

Come with me and take my hand I, ll lead you to the promised land
Of pure blood where white is right no coloreds there be safe at night
Protected by the klu klux knights
Be A man -Join the klan -Be A part of our master plan
Take an oath -Stop the growth- burn A bum- grab A rope
We, ll hang em high -Cause we, re right -Burn A cross all through the night
Rid the world of bums and scum -We, re spew sucking fascists

Dance in the barn
Boys from the farm
Now swing your partner
Round by the neck- guitar

Aryan and arrogant but really just A great big wank
Superior and righteous boys you, re really just pollution noise
And playing with each others toys
Theory of genetics and racially superior men
Paranoid and sickening -Purity not colored skin
Fight the fight to be right -You, re ok if you, re white
Kill the others in the night -We, re spew sucking fascists

Garbage from eugenicists and modern day psychiatrists
The slaughter of the innocent and mumbo crap psychologists
Who, S anuses are retentive
Aryan nations -Goose stepping hatred
Nazis and skin heads -You, ll give A brother head
Play with each other
Screwing your mother -That way you, ll stay pure
You, re spew sucking fascists

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