Kreayshawn – Missing Kitty Lyrics

Uh, I’m so fuckin’ sad
I’m so sad (just sad)
I lost my cat (damn it)
And it’s been four days (so long)
Three whole nights (so long)
And I just want her to come back save
And just… (come back kitty, please)
Imagined her out there all cold and lonely
And scared and…
Kitty, kitty (ah)
Kitty (meow), kitty (meow)
Where the fuck are you kitty?
Please come back to me
I miss you

[Verse 1]
Kitty got me runnin’ round the block
Lookin’ for her in every goddamn spot
Where the fuck you at? Kitty got me hot
It’s like you don’t wanna be found or get caught
Kitty, I’m puttin’ up posters ’cause I miss you
Kitty, you’re missin’ and I really wanna kiss you
Kitty, I’m screamin’ your name around the hood
You really need to come home, I think you should
Come runnin’ up the stairs, come back to here
Choppa doesn’t think it’s fair you’re here or there
Or anywhere away from me
Come back kitty and please lay with me

Kitty, where the fuck have you been?
Must’ve got out when I left the door open
Kitty, where the fuck have you gone?
Kitty, never gone for this long

[Verse 2]
Kitty, she loved to drink a beer
Now I shed a tear ’cause she’s not here
Kitty, she liked to eat my hot Cheetos
And now I’m wonderin’ where she be though
‘Cause she started off as a trap kitty, then a city kitty
Now she’s up in LA with me, still a Bay kitty
Me and Choppa gonna hold it down when you’re not around
Got me wonderin’ if you dead layin’ on the ground
‘Cause kitty, you better not be dead
If someone hit you with their car I’ll chop off their head
Motherfuckin’ right, I’ll shoot their ass, kitty
I’ll put it down for you as you got me feelin’ shitty
Kitty, I’ll never stop lookin’
But if you in someone house ’cause you got tooken
I kick they fuckin’ door down, leave they ass shooken
Grab my kitty back and then I start bookin’
Kitty, what the fuck? What the fuck?

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