Chief Keef – Glory Bridge (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

[Verse One: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
All fly shit I used to go to school like this
Off white kicks my shoelaces say shoelaces
Orange tiger on my shirt I’m in some gucci shit
She keep lying on my dick she on hoochie shit
We pull up in 20 Raris on some movie shit, yeah
I will never say I’m sorry to a goofy bitch, yeah
Slide up on her drop her off on my goony hit, yeah
You a dirty little thot, you little stupid bitch

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Bitches in my phone taking space up, yeah
No I can’t be lacking got my face up, yeah
Drip more purple than a laker, yeah (esketit)
Eyes more red than a laser, yeah
Faces on me bigger than fantasias, yeah
Checks be on a bitch her name be Anastasia, yeah
You can get her back, I’m not a saviour, yeah
Rolling on your ex, Charles Xavier, yeah
I ain’t got no service call me later, yeah
Ridin right past all me haters, yeah
I done spent rope on me laces, yeah
Feds got us on they papers trynna trace us, yeah
Ball with my brodies been with them since AND1
Bitch you only you and yo friends can’t come
Motor make a hood hop, ayy J1
She know I got more sauce than A1
Supposed to be at the gathering at 1
Shaun Carter bag, I’m trynna catch one
[?] it was a fast one

[Verse 3: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
She wanted me to clean her mess but I got on Hermes, yeah
She tried to catch me on her snap before I got undressed, yeah
If I don’t pull up in no black, I’ll pull up in all red, yeah
30,000 on a rollie, my lil’ bitch a brat, yeah
I’m in my bank now I’m OD, yeah
I ain’t ever had no OG, yeah
I give money and they lowkey, yeah
Hit her once and then I proceed
And I can’t picture bein broke these days
She gave me head I told her don’t breath, ayy
If you love her nigga don’t tease, ayy
She was covered up in codeine, ayy
You a aunty you a dope fiend, ayy
Don’t get too close if you don’t know me ayy
I chill with shottas chill with proteges ayy
Red bottoms like a nosebleed, ayy

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